Anantha Naturals

Parthasarthy Nara

Building a Natural Farmer Network

Partha from Anantha Naturals started his career working in IT, in Bangalore. In 2012-13, he converted his ancestral agricultural land in Ananthpur, Andhra Pradesh into a Natural Farm, inspired by Subhash Palekar.

He realised that one of the biggest challenges was getting the produce into the hands of the right consumers. He created a farmer network in and around his village. This meant that farmers were now able to share resources like trucks to be able to more efficiently manage the logistical cost of transporting produce from the farm to the cities.

He then started marketing directly to consumers in the cities, some of whom were his colleagues in the IT world. He tied up with marketplaces like Farmizen to be able to reach out to wider, more receptive audiences for natural/organic produce.