Banana Stem Recipes

The banana stem core has long been a cherished ingredient in traditional home cooking in South India. It has a crisp texture and a delicate vegetal flavor that belies the sturdiness of the ingredient. Banana stem is loaded with fibre and is even used to treat kidney stones and urinary tract infection. Including banana stem regularly in one’s diet helps with acidity and gastric problems. It also provides relief from a lot of common problems including constipation.

Banana Stem Curry Recipe

The humble banana stem combined with moong dal makes a mild flavoured curry which delicious when paired with rice and Moar Kuzhambu or rasam

Banana Stem Poriyal Recipe

Banana Stem Sabzi Recipe With Curry Powder is a semi dry sabzi that is made by stir frying the banana stem. A touch of yogurt to add in a tinge of sourness, South Indian curry powder, cumin powder and chilli powder are added to make it flavourful.

Banana Stem Kootu Recipe

Banana stem kootu recipe is a popular South Indian dish made from banana stem. This vegetarian recipe is made with various spices and condiments like mustard seeds, cumin seeds and curry leaves.

Banana Stem Juice Recipe

Plantain Stem Juice, a fiber rich juice that is packed with lots of nutrients. It also helps prevent high blood pressure, and maintain fluid balance within the body.

Banana Stem Stir Fry

This dish is actually very quick to make. It’s light on tummy too as the spice level is low and it is made with minimum oil

Banana Stem Stew

A mild banana stem stew made with coconut and lentils. A great accompaniment to rice for lunch or dinner.

Banana Stem Chutney Recipe

This recipe has very few ingredients and the only prep work required is with the banana stem. This is a delicious easy chutney for the busy mornings.

Vazhaithandu Soup Recipe

This Vazhaithandu Soup is very simpleand made with minimal ingredients. It brings out the taste of the banana stem with the subtle flavor of lemon and ginger.

Banana Stems Fry

This is a crunchy delicious snack made with banana stems is perfect for those evening tea time cravings!

Plantain Stem Buttermilk

Vazaithandu Neer Mor is a buttermilk which is infused with banana stem/plantain stem for added benefits. This is a great drink for summers.