Chempotty Estate

Thankachan Chempotty

Farming in-sync with nature

Mr Thankachan Chempotty is the proud owner of Chempotty Estate which is a 22- acre certified organic farm ( by Indocert) located about 50 Kms from Mysore in the village of Hura. It is surrounded by forests and water bodies like Kabini River and in close proximity to Bandipur National Park. Though he works for an MNC in Bangalore, his passion for farming prompted him to buy this estate in 2005.

The Estate encompasses about 15,000 trees which include teak, neem, sandalwood, along with various fruit trees like coconut,mango, jackfruit, guava, sapota, gooseberry, mosambi, papaya to name a few. Mr Chempotty is an ardent follower of "spiritual farming" wherein nature is revered along with all its creatures. The Estate practices 3 layer farming wherein maximum utilisation of land resources is done. Being an organic farm, only Jeevamrutham and Brahmasthram are used for pest control and better growth.

Honey Soaked Cocoa

Kalipatti Sapota

Farm Snapshots