At Farmizen we recently listed some tofu from Health On Plants. Tofu is one of those ingredients that is quite alien to Indian cooking, however, it's concept is quite close to home with paneer. Made with plant-based organic soy milk rather than animal-based milk, tofu is also an essential ingredient in a vegan diet. Health On Plants helped us curate some quick recipes on Tofu - have a look

Baked Coriander Tofu Snack

Health On Plants Coriander Tofu is all about the deliciousness of an Indian chutney with the creaminess of tofu. 

Instant Tofu Curry 

A delicious Tofu Curry made with Health On Plants Instant Tofu Curry Paste and plain tofu.

Tofu Mayonnaise

Rich, silky and creamy Tofu Mayonnaise. Healthy and a vegan friendly alternative.

Vegan Tofu Meatballs

Tofu Meatballs are a great accompaniment to a variety of dishes and a great vegan alternative.

Scrambled Tofu Stir Fry

A delicious stir fry for any occasion made with vegetables and vegetable tofu.