Bengali Cuisine Recipes

Recommended Veggies
- Cauliflower
- Cabbage
- Bitter Gourd
- Pumpkin
- Raw Papaya
- Knol Khol
- Mustard Leaves
- Bottle Gourd
- Coconut


Begun Bhaja

Vegetables: Large round eggplant
Begun Bhaja also known as Baingan Bhaja are pan fried or shallow fried marinated slices of Aubergines. To make the Begun Bhaja you need the large variety of eggplant similar to the one which we use for Baingan Bharta. The larger varieties of baingan have less seeds and more flesh.


Phulkopir Aloo Dalna

Vegetables: Cauliflower, Peas, Potato
Spiced cauliflower and potato curry with whole spices, turmeric and green peas. Phulkopir Aloo Dalna a classic Bengali recipe thats light, full of flavor and ideal when your craving a curry in the summer. The whole spices fried in hot oil give depth and warmth to this semi dry dish.


Cabbage & Potato Curry

Vegetables: Cabbage, Potato
This Bengali style Cabbage Potato stir-fry that is a perfect side for roti/rice. This hearty vegan dish is loaded with flavors & is very simple to make. This curry is prepared using basic simple flavors but is extremely delicious and nourishing.

Bitter Gourd

Uchhe Kumro Bhaja

Vegetables: Bitter Gourd, Pumpkin
Uchhe-kumro bhaja, or bitter gourd stir-fried with pumpkin, is an appetiser that is eaten mixed with a spoon of rice before the Bengali lunch begins. This 'teto' (appetiser) course is very important to a Bengali lunch, specially in the spring when the season changes from cold and dry to hot and humid, and bitters are believed to keep infections away. Irrespective of whether the health reasons are true or not, Bengalis love their bitters.

Bottle Gourd

Lauki Posto

Vegetables: Bottle Gourd, Coriander leaves
Lauki Posto (bottle gourd cooked with poppy seeds) is an absolute delight for green vegetable lovers. Lauki, also known as doodhi, squash, gourd or bottle gourd contains 90% water and considered as an easy to digest and healthy vegetable.

Mustard Leaves

Sorshe Shak Ghonto

Vegetables: Mustard Greens, Potato
This is a nutritious dish recipe made with mustard leaves. It is a simple recipe,takes few minutes to prepare and with few ingredients. It is a popular Bengali side dish,has slightly bitter flavor. Serve the healthy dish as a first item for lunch.

Knol Khol

Olkopir Dalna

Vegetables: Knol Khol, Potato, Green Peas, Tomato
Olkopir Dalna or “KohlRabi (Knol Khol) in a Gravy” is a spicy gravy of cubed kohlrabi, potatoes and peas thrown in. The gravy is tempered with methi(fenugreek) seeds and whole garam masala and spiced up with ginger, tomatoes and cumin and coriander powder.

Raw Papaya

Pepe Ghonto

Vegetables: Raw Papaya, Coconut
Pepe Ghonto is a traditional Bengali recipe where grated raw papaya is cooked with crispy potato, desiccated coconut and flavoured with whole Garam Masala and other spices.