Clean Food For Every Home

Get together to buy clean pesticide-free food from local farmers and producers.
A community-powered alternative food system.

Start Eating Clean

Team Buy
Buy naturally grown, chemical-free produce directly from trusted farmers. Team up with friends to get a group discount.
Farm Subscription
Subscribe to a community farm. Choose your crops - farmers grow it for you. Harvest them yourself or have them home delivered.
Neighbourhood Tribe
Join or create a Farmizen tribe in your neighbourhood. Order directly from farmers and collect your order from the tribe pickup point.

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Trust & Traceability
Know the farmer who grows your food. 
Short Supply Chain
From our farms to your table. In the shortest time possible.
Community Powered
Self-organized communities connected to responsible farmers.
Better For You
Fresher, healthier, tastier food. Grown without chemicals.
Better for Farmers
Our win-win model increases farmer income and makes it predictable.
Better for the Planet
Our partner farmers use earth-friendly & sustainable farming practices.
" If a farmer knows his customers he will never poison their food. If a customer knows the farmer growing his food, they won't bargain with him."
– Jagadeesh Reddy, a natural farmer

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