Your Plants. Your Food.
Our Future.

We have set out to build a food eco-system that's better for consumers, better for farmers, and better for the planet.

Our Key Values

We acknowledge the importance of building everyday trust between all participants in the food system, to make our collective food wholesome.
We recognise the beauty of symbiosis - and bring together marginalised farmers and concerned consumers, in a way that makes everyone a winner.
We empower consumers to choose and control the food they eat. We empower farmers to make a fair living without having to adopt environmentally and socially harmful practices.
We help our farmers adopt growing practices that are natural, chemical free, and net positive to the soil and environment.

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We partner with farmers who do not use any chemicals and practise any form of regenerative farming including natural farming, organic farming, biodynamic farming etc. If you want to explore partnering with us - please submit the form below.

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