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We are Farmizen Academy, your go-to destination for courses, bootcamps, and programs dedicated to educating both farmers and consumers about the vital connection between farming, food, and health. We’ve been trying to fix the food system since 2017, and now we’re here to share that knowledge with you

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Expert-Led Programs

Our courses are led by industry experts who guide you through each topic meticulously.

Streamlined Curriculum

Participate in a mix of learning material, live sessions, real-world assignments, and interactive hand-holding and coaching.

Community Support

You’re never alone, with access to a community of fellow learners, alumni, and expert mentors from across batches.

Our Courses

Organic Farming Bootcamp​

Our flagship deep-dive course. Learn the Science, Practice, and Business of Organic Farming from industry-leading mentors with 24 live sessions and lifetime access to course materials, assignments, and community. Build a concrete plan for your organic farm


Green Thumb Mastery–Online Home Gardening Masterclass

This 8-week comprehensive live online program, tailored to suit both balcony and backyard gardeners, guides you through every step of creating a flourishing garden oasis. But it’s more than just a course or program —it’s a community…


Clean Eating With Whole Food Plant-Based Diet Kickstart Program

Transform Your Life in Just 7 Days with Our Expert-Led Clean Eating Program! Unleash boundless energy, enhance your fitness, and prevent & reverse lifestyle illnesses—all without calorie counting or medication. Enrol now and step into a healthier, happier you!


Natural Skin and Hair Care Masterclass

Ditch Expensive Salons and Toxic Cosmetic Products with Easy, Homemade Skin and Hair Care Solutions! Learn to craft your own beauty solutions and regimens using only local and natural ingredients, many available in your kitchen and garden.


How to Grow a Food Forest - FAST

Transform your 2000+ sq ft land with a fast-track to food forests! Learn to create thriving ecosystems in weeks, not decades. Plus, an exclusive farm visit to apply your skills firsthand!


ShroomSuccess Organic Mushroom Farming Program

Turn small spaces into profitable organic mushroom farms. Discover the art and science of organic mushroom farming – unlock the secrets of growing mushrooms without chemicals, with a low startup cost and a focus on profitability.


2 hour workshop on LiteFarm (FREE)

www.litefarm.org is an open source farm management tool built specifically for sustainable, diversified and organic farmers. We encourage Farmizen partner farmers and Farmizen Organic Farming Bootcamp students to use this tool for crop planning, farm layout planning, farm task management and farm finances planning. It is also very useful to collect and generate artifacts required during Organic Farming Certification. Litefarm is incubated at the University of British Columbia.

David Trapp, Farmer Success Manager at Litefarm will be taking this session to do a demo of the Litefarm tool and take any questions.

The next workshop is on Friday, 24th May, 630 pm to 830 pm IST

David (he/him) has been involved with agriculture for most of his life, from working on farms and teaching gardening classes, to working as an Agricultural Technician with Peace Corps Paraguay, and now as the Farmer Success Manager. His interests in growing food sustainably have taken him around the world, and served as a bridge to connect with diverse groups of people and projects. He has an Interdisciplinary degree in Energy, Agriculture and Climate Change from Western Washington University. Apart from LiteFarm, he is the co-founder for Nuevos Brotes, a reintegration program that provides agricultural job training and support to incarcerated persons in Paraguay. He is currently based in Brazil, where he is pursuing a Masters in Organic Agriculture from the Federal University of Rural Rio do Janeiro and enjoys scuba diving, hiking, and dancing.

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