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Welcome to Farmizen Academy, your go-to destination for courses, bootcamps, and programs dedicated to educating both farmers and consumers about the vital connection between farming, food, and health. We’ve been trying to fix the food system since 2017, and now we’re here to share that knowledge with you.


Why Choose Farmizen Academy?

Expert-Led Programs: Our courses are led by industry experts who guide you through each topic meticulously.

Meticulously Crafted Curriculum: Participate in a mix of learning material, live sessions, real-world assignments, and interactive hand-holding and coaching.

Community Support: You’re never alone, with access to a community of fellow learners, alumni, and expert mentors from across batches.

Online Programs

12-week Organic Farming Bootcamp
Learn the Science, Practice, and Business of Organic Farming from industry-leading mentors with 24 live sessions and lifetime access to course materials, assignments, and community. Build a concrete plan for your organic farm. >>LEARN MORE – From 2nd December 2023 – 25th February 2024

8-week Green Thumb Mastery Home Gardening Program
Unlock the secrets of small-space gardening with Green Thumb Mastery! In just 8 weeks, transform your balcony or backyard into a flourishing oasis. Master sustainable practices, plant care, and design techniques, all from the comfort of your home. >>LEARN MORE – From 10th December 2023 –  28th January 2024

3-week Natural Skin and Hair Care Masterclass
Ditch Expensive Salons and Toxic Cosmetic Products with Easy, Homemade Skin and Hair Care Solutions! Learn to craft your own beauty solutions and regimens using only local and natural ingredients, many available in your kitchen and garden. >>LEARN MORE – From 9th December 2023 – 24th December 2023

7-day Clean Eating with Whole Food Plant-Based Diet Kickstart Program
Transform Your Life in Just 7 Days with Our Expert-Led Clean Eating Program! Unleash boundless energy, enhance your fitness, and prevent & reverse lifestyle illnesses—all without calorie counting or medication. Enroll now and step into a healthier, happier you! ENROLMENT CLOSED

3 week ShroomSuccess Organic Mushroom Farming Program
Turn small spaces into profitable organic mushroom farms. Discover the art and science of organic mushroom farming – unlock the secrets of growing mushrooms without chemicals, with a low startup cost and a focus on profitability
 >>LEARN MORE – From 3rd February 2024 – 18th February 2024

Offline Programs

3-day Bloom – Back To Nature Residential Program at The Lilac Farm, Bangalore 
Want to experience holistic living close to nature and detox your body and mind? Join us for this 3-day Back to Nature residential program to experience the ambience of a natural fruit forest, enjoy natural foods that best serve our body, and participate in practices that support our emotional, mental and physical health. As a participant called it: “A mind, body and soul experience!” >>LEARN MOREFrom 26th January 2024 – 28th January 2024  

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