Frequently Asked Questions

Team buy

How does this work ?
We notify you on the app when new team buy offers are available. You can form teams and place pre-orders directly with farmers. Once the Team Buy deadline closes - we place orders on your behalf with the specific farmer, he sends across the produce to us and we get it home delivered to you.
What is the minimum number of members required to form a team?
Each team buy offer mentions how many people you need in the team for the team to be active. The most common minimum team size is just 2 people.
If I add more members to my team will I get a bigger discount?
We are working on such a functionality, but right now the discount remains same. However, from time to time we announce prizes for the top teams with maximum number of team members - watch out for them.
Do other team members have to download the Farmizen App?
Yes. If they don’t have the app, when they click on your invite link - they will automatically be redirected to download the Farmizen App.
Can I form a team with people I do not know?
Yes you can - it’s up to you who you form the team with. The system also helps you form a team by matching you with other teams which are open and looking for new members to join.
What happens if I pay the money and am unable to form a team?
If no one joins your team within the deadline, your order is cancelled and auto refunded.
Does a team buy assure me of the receipt of the product?
If your team buy succeeds, we will home deliver the products to individual team members. Each team buy listing shows the expected delivery dates. If, in rare cases, the delivery cannot be done due to reasons like the produce not meeting quality standards etc, your order will be cancelled and refunded.
Why are prices lower for team buy?
Team Buy prices are lower because forming such teams helps us place orders in bulk with farmers. Also, most people end up forming teams with neighbours, which reduces our last mile delivery costs. We are able to pass these savings on to you.
What products can I buy on Team Buy?
Every day we list different sets of products you can buy including chemical-free fruits, staples etc.

neighbourhood tribes

For tribe members

What if there is no tribe in my neighbourhood? Can I join a different tribe?
Some of our Tribe leaders allow Tribe members from beyond their immediate neighbourhood. You will need to find a Tribe which accepts members from beyond their immediate neighbourhood.
How do I communicate with my Tribe leader?
You can find the Tribe Leader contact details on the Tribe Details page as well as the Tribe Catalog. You can also discuss on the Tribe group chat - Tribe leaders monitor the group chats.
When do deliveries for orders happen?
It depends on the location of your tribe. Typically we deliver the orders during the designated pickup day, and Tribe Leaders create a pickup window between 6 pm to 9 pm. However, each Tribe has its own pickup days and pickup windows - you can find this information on the Tribe Details page.
What if I am not able to pick up my order on the specified date?
Since most of the produce is perishable, we highly recommend you pick up the produce on the same day. In case you are not able to do that, please try to inform in advance so your order can be cancelled. In exceptional cases, tribe leader may be able to store the produce for a day more.
What if the tribe leader is not available during hours suitable for me?
Each Tribe mentions the pickup windows supported. If there is any deviation from that, please discuss options with your Tribe Leader.
What products can I order using tribes?
You will be able to order fresh organic vegetables and other farm produce from your Tribe. Tribe Leaders control what they want to list in their Tribe catalog based on their storage capabilities.
Will the products be delivered to my house?
Farmizen will deliver to the Tribe Leader’s designated Tribe pickup point. Some of our tribe leaders offer home delivery as a value added option, sometimes for a minimal extra charge based on your distance, and sometimes for free. Please discuss with your Tribe Leader.
How do I make payments for my purchases?
You visit your Tribe page, check products that are available, add them to the shopping cart and pay online. If you are not comfortable paying online, discuss with your Tribe Leader. Some Tribe leaders are ok to place orders on your behalf.
What if some items from my order are missing?
Since the number of farmers growing truly organic and chemical free vegetables is limited, and since organic farming can be somewhat unpredictable - it is possible that we could not deliver some items ordered. In such cases they will either be delivered on the next pickup date or cancelled and refunded.
Can I cancel my order after placing it?
Yes you can - but only till the day before your pickup date.
Can I add to my order after placing it?
Yes you can. You need to make any additions before 12 pm on the day previous to your designated delivery day, otherwise the additional items will be delivered on the subsequent pickup date.

For tribe leaders

What are the criteria for becoming a tribe leader?
A tribe leader must be someone who wants to support responsible farmers, and must have the time and space available to run a tribe pick-up point at their home or workplace. We are looking for people who understand the nuances of organic food and love meeting and educating people about chemical-free choices.
Are tribe leaders employees of Farmizen?
No - tribe leaders are part of the community and are actually our customers. They help create a way for our partner farmers to directly reach out to consumers by creating an efficient distribution channel.
What are the responsibilities of a tribe leader?
Tribe Leaders are responsible for promoting their tribe by recruiting new members, managing the tribe pickup point, moderating the Tribe chat group. For a more detailed list of the roles and responsibilities, please refer to the Tribes section in the app.
What happens if a tribe member fails to pick up their delivery?
We deliver twice a week to the Tribe Pickup point. If the Tribe Pickup point would not be available during the delivery days, the Tribe Leader must inform support in advance and switch off the ability to order for that delivery day. Alternately, the Tribe Leader can designate an alternative pickup point in the same neighbourhood.
Are there any incentives for tribe leaders?
Yes. The Tribe leaders play a key role in building and supporting this distribution channel. Tribe Leaders earn 10% on the total sales generated in the Tribe, net of any refunds and cancellations. Payouts are made by the 5th of every month for the previous month.
Can there be 2 tribe leaders in one community?
For large communities, it is possible to have multiple Tribes and Tribe Leaders.
Can a Tribe Leader place orders on behalf of a Tribe member?
Yes, she can place orders on behalf of tribe members who are not comfortable transacting online, pay with her own payment instrument, and settle directly with the tribe member. This will count towards total sales of the Tribe for that month.
Will Farmizen help market my tribe?
We will enable a way for consumers to discover nearby tribes and join them. We are also happy to come over and talk to your community when you want us to. However, primary responsibility for marketing their Tribe remains with the Tribe Leader.
What if some items are missing from tribe member's orders?
Any missing orders will either be delivered in the next delivery slot or refunded.

farm subscriptions

The basics

How do I get started ?
Simple. Just install the app and follow the wizard. 1. Install the app 2. Choose a community farm near you - the list is sorted based on your current location and shows driving distance to the farms. 3. Book a plot. 4. Choose a starter plan with the veggies you want to grow. 5. Pay for a month’s subscription.
I don’t know anything about growing vegetables. Will you help me plan what to grow ?
Don’t worry - we got you covered. When you start off, we let you choose between a number of starter plans - these are pre-configured with different varieties of veggies that are likely to grow well in the current season in your part of India. Just choose one of those plans - and you are all set. You can modify your choice of what you want to grow anytime by going to My Plots section in the app.
What happens after I pay and book a mini-farm ?
Once you pay and book your mini-farm, the farmer starts preparing your plot with the vegetables you have chosen. In case you have not made any modifications to the starter plans, you maybe allocated a mini-farm which already has those vegetables growing in various stages of their lifecycle. When your harvest is ready, you can visit the farm to pick it up yourself - or let us deliver your produce right to your doorstep.
When can I expect my first harvest ?
It depends on the plants that you choose to grow, and the modifications you make to the starter plans. If you do not make any modifications to starter plans - you should be able to see your first harvest within a few weeks.
What’s included in a subscription for a mini-farm ?
Everything that you need! It includes use of your ear-marked plot for growing, all seeds, saplings, fertilizers, pest control mechanisms, labour, water, utilities, use of tools and implements needed for farming, support for upto 8 farm visits every month, and weekly deliveries of your harvest at your doorstep. You will also have access to the grower community in your farm, updates on the app, and content created specifically to get you to learn farming in a fun, entertaining way. In addition, you would also be invited to participate in regular workshops and events hosted by Farmizen.
How many vegetables can I grow at a time in my mini-farm ?
Each mini-farm is divided into 12 beds, and you can grow a different vegetable in each of them, if you so wish ! Some of our partner farms operate in a half-n-half model, where you control 6 of your beds, whereas the farmer controls the remaining 6 beds as part of a common pool.
How much does this cost ?
The cost for a subscription may vary based on the partner farm that you choose and is mentioned in the farm listing in the app - but the most common price point with our current partner farmers is 2500/- per month.
What is the size of my mini-farm ?
The size of the mini-farm may vary based on the partner farm that you choose and is mentioned in the farm listing in the app - but the most common size supported by our current partner farmers is 600 square feet. One of our partner farms is 400 square feet since it is housed inside a shade net. Some of our farms also operate in the half-n-half model where you have 600 square feet allocated to you - and you control 300 square feet, while the farmer manages the remaining 300 square feet as part of the common pool. Each farm listing mentions the size and the model clearly.
Is this organic ?
All your crops will be grown organically with no chemical inputs. We also follow natural farming techniques like mulching, planting pest repellant plants etc - in order to make sure that the food that you grow is natural and wholesome.
Is this good for the soil ?
Yes indeed. Industrial agriculture has been degrading soil quality the world over. Our approach of multi-cropping along with natural farming techniques, are extremely beneficial to preserving and rejuvenating the soil.
What and how will I learn about farming ?
You will learn everything about farming for vegetables by using the app regularly or by visiting the farm and interacting with the farmers. You will get to know how each crop is grown, what can be done when an adverse event like a pest attack happens, how to rotate your crops, and so much more ! Everything that happens during the growing cycle of each of your crops is available in the app, and it can be fun re-living how the carrots you ate today, actually made the journey from a seed to something edible. Our customers tell us that the Farmizen experience has turned out to be a valuable educational experience, especially for kids in the family.
Is this an organic veggie delivery service ?
No. We see ourselves as a remote kitchen garden service. We enable you to grow what you want, remotely, and in case if you cannot visit the farm to harvest your own produce, we deliver it to you. We are merely facilitators in the process.


How do I choose a different vegetable to grow in one of the beds in my mini-farm ?
Go to the My Plots section in the app, and click on any of the beds. Then click on the Replace button - you will see a recommended list of vegetables that you can choose. You can choose one of the recommended vegetables for best results, or choose any other vegetables that show up in the list.
There’s an empty bed showing up in the My Plots section. What should I do ?
You should click on the empty bed and choose a vegetable from the list that appears. Choose from the recommended ones for best results. If a bed becomes empty owing to a harvest, and you do not take any action for 48 hours, the farmer will be automatically instructed by our system to plant a default vegetable into that bed.
What happens after I choose a new vegetable to be planted in one of the beds in my mini-farm ?
Once you choose a new vegetable to be planted in a bed in your mini-farm, the bed enters into a work-in-progress stage and the farmer will implement your changes in the next 48 hours. You will be notified through the app when your changes have been implemented.
How frequently can I change my growing plan ?
We allow upto a maximum of 12 changes to your growing plan every month - much more than what you would need. Please be careful when you make these changes. Overdoing it may cause unnecessary wastage and prolong the time needed to get you your next harvest.
What sort of updates will I be able to see in the app ?
You will see photos, videos, activity updates for everything that happens with your vegetables - watering, de-weeding, organic fertilizer application, pest control etc. etc. You will also get indications for harvest readiness of your various crops.
How many varieties of vegetables do you support ?
The number of vegetables that are supported vary based on the specific region of India you are in and the season. The app updates this list dynamically for you to choose from, so you don’t need to worry about whether you are making the right growing choices.
What happens if a crop fails ?
Unfortunately, the reality of farming, is that crops sometime fail because of factors not under our control - for example, there could be a flood situation, or a terrible pest attack. While the risk of crop failure is reduced in our model because we grow a variety of different crops together and have a team of horticulturists to ensure the right plant care procedure is followed, there is a possibility that some crops fail some time. We cannot remove this risk, but we will try our best to manage this risk for you.


Should I plan on visiting the farm ?
Absolutely ! We highly encourage you to visit the farm - it’s an essential part of the Farmizen experience. Just make sure you schedule a farm visit through the app - you can do it from the My Plots section. This will allow us to make sure someone can assist you during your visit.
How often can I visit my mini-farm ?
You can schedule up to 6 farm visits every month via the app. But if you go over limit and are really keen to visit, we are here to help ! Just drop our support team a note, and we will handle it as an exception.
Can I bring friends along for my farm visit ?
Oh yes ! The more the merrier. Maybe even have a picnic while you are at it :-).


How can I change my delivery address ?
You can change your delivery address by going to the Account tab in the app. Please note that we will only be able to change your delivery address to pincodes service-able by our delivery service.
When will you deliver ?
We will deliver your harvest weekly to you, provided there is harvest available in your mini-farm and you have not chosen the “I will pick up my produce myself” option. We will notify you of your upcoming delivery through the app. Our delivery executives will also call you before arriving at your place.
I am away on vacation for some time - can I stop my deliveries during this time ?
Yes - please set the “Pause my deliveries” option in Account->Delivery Settings if you are away on vacation. Remember to switch the option off when you are back in town ! If, while attempting to deliver your produce to you, we learn you are out of town, we will automatically set this option for you, and notify you - you will need to switch it off when you are back in town.


How does the subscription to a mini-farm work ?
Farmizen operates on a pre-paid monthly subscription model. If your first payment was on 5th of March, your next payment due date will be 5th of April. In order to continue to receive Farmizen services, you need to ensure your total subscription dues are paid up on or before the payment due date for each subscription period. You will find your payment due date in the Home section of the app. We are working on enabling an automatic recurring payment, but till we have that in place, you would need to remember to pay on or before the due date.
How do I pay ?
You can pay via a number of mechanisms supported by our online payment gateway partners - debit cards, credit cards, net banking, wallets and UPI. Don’t worry - it’s all safe and secure.
What happens if I miss my payment due date ?
Please avoid this. When you miss the due date for payment, your mini-farm is released into a pool for allocating to new customers. If the mini-farm gets allocated to someone else, and you pay up your late dues at that point of time, you may have to be allocated a new plot - where you may have to start from scratch again.
I want to cancel my subscription. How do I proceed ?
You can cancel your subscription anytime by going to Accounts->Billing section in the app, or by sending us an email at [email protected]. Your services will continue till the end of your current paid-up billing cycle.
Can I pause my subscription ?
There is no way currently to pause your subscription. If you cancel your subscription, your mini-farm may be allocated to another customer, and you will have to start a growing plan afresh if you subscribe again.
What happens to my crops after my subscription ends ?
Once your subscription has expired, your mini-farm is released for other consumers to book. If you are planning to cancel your subscription, you should drop in and harvest whatever you want from your mini-farm before your subscription expires. Once the mini-farm is released, and is booked by another customer, it's their prerogative on what they want to do with any existing plants which are growing in their mini-farm.


How do I reset my password ?
Go to the login screen in the app and click on the Forgot Password link.
When are you launching in my city ?
We are moving fast and will get to all the major cities in India soon. Please sign up for our waitlist to get notified when we launch in your city.
There’s a farm near my city. Can Farmizen partner with the farmer who runs this farm ?
Yes! Farmizen is a win-win solution for you and our farmers. We are always looking to partner with peri-urban farmers who own land near the city. Please provide more details about this farmer in our partner page, and we will reach out to him.
Can I book more than one mini-farm ?
Yes you can! Many customers end up taking a subscription to more than one mini-farm because they have larger families and want more produce. Note that the billing periods for each mini-farm will be based on the date on which that specific mini-farm was booked.
I want to report a user who is being abusive on the chat in the app. How do I do that ?
Please send an email to [email protected] with a screenshot of the problematic conversation, and we will take it up from there.
I am unhappy with the farmer - what can I do ?
Please send us an email to [email protected] with your feedback about the farmer, and we will take it from there. We are working on a review and rating mechanism within the app as well.

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