Nolen Gur Recipes

Nolen Gur Kheer

Nolen gurer payesh is a delicious rice kheer or rice pudding made with date palm jaggery and rice.

Nolen Gur Rosogolla

Nolen Gur Rosogolla is one of the most anticipated winter dessert Recipe which spreads happiness and makes any ordinary day special.

Nolen Gur Sandesh

These Nolen Gurer Sandesh simply melt in your mouth. Leaving behind a very pleasant flavor of the date palm jaggery.

Nolen Gur Ice Cream

Craving for a delicious ice cream with a twist of Indian flavours? Then try this delicious and easy Nolen Gur Ice cream.

Nolen Gur Yoghurt

If you talk about Bengal, the one thing after fish that comes to mind is Mishti Doi. This Nolen Gur er Doi is a similar kind of Mishti Doi.

Nolen Gur Cheesecake

This is a classical Bengali twist to the popular cheesecake. Once you try it, there is no going back.

Nolen Gur Patisapta

This Bengali classic dessert snack - patisapta has its flavour elevated by another traditional favourite - Nolen Gur.

Chena Poda Cheesecake & Nolen Gur Sauce

The original desi version of cheesecake, this dessert is rich and dense, yet has quite subtle flavours enhanced with Nolen Gur.

Coconut Milk And Nolen Gur Panna Cota

The intoxicating perfume of nolen gur. The sweetness of coconut milk. That touch of gondhoraaj lemon zest. Divine!

Nolen Gur  Sandesh Ice Cream

This Nolen Gur Ice Cream tastes out of the world. This ice cream needs no churning, as it is ice crystal resistant.

Nolen Gur Kulfi

Creamy, decadent Nolen Gur Kulfi made without cooking. Just mix in a few basic ingredients and your Kulfi will be ready in no time.

Coconut and Nolen Gur Laddoo

An easy, no-fuss, 2-ingredient, vegan laddoo brimming with healthful properties.

Nolen Gur Eggless Mousse

This may seem like an alien concept as far as traditional Indian dessets goes but it is merely an adaptation of a local favourite.

Wheat Plum Cake With Nolen Gur

No sugar, no maida, no egg, no butter. Perfect healthy cake for everyone. Must try this recipe.