Indian Recipes

Foxtail Millet Vegetable Soup

This millet soup is very easy to make, just put all the ingredients and pressure cook it so its perfect to make for breakfast.

Lemon Millet Recipe

A simple, healthy and delicious millet recipe which is a take on the much loved lemon rice.

Millet Biryani

Got biryani on your mind? Try out this twist to biryani replacing the rice with millets. It's rich, earthy flavour, it's bound to be a hit with the family

Millet Khichdi

Healthy whole grain foxtail millet khichdi with dal, vegetables, and leafy greens. Comfort food doesn't get better than that.

Millet Pongal

A comfort food from Tamil Nadu that that is is made often to enjoy with sambar or chutney. Substitute rice for millets in this healthy alternative.

Millet Pongal Sweet

Sweet pongal is a take on regular pongal made on special occassions. This recipe substitues rice for millets as a healthy alternative.

Little Millet Idli

Who doesn't love a good idli. Now try this house favourite substituting rice for millets in this nutritious alternative.

Foxtail Millet Tehri

Tehri is a mildly spiced one Pot ,Turmeric Rice with vegetables.Healthy Foxtail Millet Tehri is a version that uses Millets instead of Rice.

Tamarind Rice Recipe with Foxtail Millet

A delicious and easy to make healthier Puliyohora using millets instead of rice.

Kodo Millet Pulao

A different take on the much loved rice pulo with Kodo Millets instead of rice. A quick and easy recipe that you cant go wrong with.

Gujarati Vaghareli Khichdi with Foxtail Millet

Vaghareli Khichdi is a one-pot meal from Gujarat typically made of rice, lentils, vegetables, and spices. This recipe of vaghareli khichdi uses foxtail millet instead of rice and makes it healthier and wholesome.

Barnyard Millet Tomato Pulao

This South Indian style Tomato Pulao is a simple yet flavorful and healthy one pot meal recipe.

Mixed Millet Bhel Puri

A low fat and healthy snack with the goodness of millets and ragi. Prepare this recipe at home with a generous squeeze of lime.

Barnyard Millet Tomato Pulao

This South Indian style Tomato Pulao is a simple yet flavorful and healthy one pot meal recipe.

Kambu Koozh

Kambu Koozh is a delicious and healthy cooling drink for those hot summers.

Kambu Thayir Sadam

This traditional take on curd rice substitutes rice for millets making this all-time favourite recipe even more nutritious.

Kambu Sadam

Kambu Sadam or Kambu Soru is a healthy fiber rich rice which you can replace for our usual white rice.

Thinai Payasam

This take on kheer made with foxtail millet is a runaway hit. You cant go wrong with this traditional South Indian style payasam.

Global Recipes

Spicy Curried Cauliflower and Millet Bowl

Need an easy and healthy weeknight dinner? Look no further than this Spicy Curried Cauliflower and Millet Bowl!

Easy Pumpkin Soup with Millet

Easy pumpkin soup with millet served in pumpkin bowls is nourishing and comforting while being gluten-free and vegan!

Lamb and Millet Pilaf

Inspired by Italian lamb stews, this lamb and millet pilaf features fluffy millet and bold lamb combined with peas, carrot and tomatoes.

Mediterranean Salad with Millets 

This Mediterranean salad, is super easy to make with simple ingredients and is packed with nutrients.

Middle Eastern Inspired Carrot Salad

Caramelised carrot salad with toasted millet, creamy feta, almonds and tart pomegranate seeds.

Sheet Pan Spring Roasted Veggie Grain Bowl

Easy to cook, nourishing and healthy bowl of goodness. If you're looking for a nutritious punch, this is it!

Vegan millet salad 

This super delicious vegan millet salad with sweet potato, pomegranate and rocket is bound to be an instant hit.

Mediterranean Stuffed Tomatoes&Mushrooms

These Mediterranean style stuffed tomatoes and portobello mushrooms are great for a barbeque.

Vegan Millet Tabbouleh Salad

Fresh Millet Tabbouleh Salad recipe featuring whole grain cooked millet instead of traditional bulgur. Millet makes this dish gluten-free!

Vegan Crunchy Thai Salad

This Crunchy Thai Salad is going to make your lunch taste great. With fresh veggies and creamy peanut sauce, this recipe is bound to delight.

Vegan Beetroot and Millet Mega-Salad

It’s the height of summer, you want something that tastes delicious, is light, healthy and nutritious and that something is this Mega-Salad.

Kodo Millet Burger

A burger that does away with all those unwanted calories, is high on nutrients and proteins and has an amazing taste.

Foxtail Millet Porridge

The richness of banana and figs is paired with the healthy and light foxtail millet. Made into a porridge, this is a heart warming breakfast.

Millet Stir Fry With Veggies

Nutritious and tasty, this millet stir fry makes a light refreshing meal. Made with chena millets with plenty of vegetables. 

Vegan Shepards Pie with Cauliflower-Millet Mash Crust

Beat the winter blues with this hearty Vegan Shepherd’s Pie! This recipe uses cauliflower-millet mash for the crust, rather than the traditional mashed potatoes, for a healthy twist.

Apple Pie Spiced Mixed Grain Hot Cereal Breakfast

This Apple Pie Spiced Mixed Grain Hot Breakfast Cereal is a hearty, healthy, gluten free breakfast with so much nutrition packed into one bowlful to get your day off to the right start!

Lemon Millet with Chickpeas and Dill

A bright and vibrant one pot dish that comes together easily. The fresh herbs and lemon really liven this dish up while the nutty millet and hearty chickpeas keep it filling and comforting.

Panzella With Millet

A super quick vegan spring salad recipe with roasted bread cubes, cucumber, tomatoes, and strawberries.

Vegan Millet Sushi With Roasted Root Vegetables And Broccoli Cream

This vegan take on sushi is a delicious, nutritious and packed with flavour.

Creamy Millet Porridge With Roasted Strawberries

This creamy millet porridge has long been a favorite. Add your favorite toppings including fruit, nuts, and seeds then you’ve got a filling, nutrient-dense breakfast.

Garlic Spinach, Millet, and Eggs

A quick, simple and nutritious recipe with just a few ingredients.

Pumpkin Pie Millet Porridge

A millet porridge with a twist! Youll love these delicate flavours.

Spiced Carrot Muffins with Millet

Muffins re-invented! This recipe packs a nutritional punch too!

Moroccan Carrot Salad with Millet

Can easily be cooked and assembled in about 25 minutes, has a ton of flavor, and is vegan/gluten-free.

Millet Sweet Corn Fritters

The creamy texture of millets mixed with the sweet and juicy sweet corns makes this recipe a runaway hit.

Chickpea Shawarma with Millet

This delicious take on the middle-Eastern Classic is healthy and nutritious!

Grilled Eggplant Rolls With Cream Cheese And Herbed Millet

These eggplant rolls are simple, fairly low-cook (just a bit of grilling) and could easily be dressed up with a bit of pesto or tomato sauce for serving.