Neem Leaf Recipes

Neem is associated with bitterness but here are some dishes that use that bitterness to their advantage. Neem leaves have numerous medicinal properties and now they are packed in a delicious bundle as well. Neem leaves are a good source of flavonoids, which could help cure various diseases. Other constituents of neem leaves include protein, carbohydrates, minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and carotene. In addition, they are also rich in glutamic acid, aspartic acid, praline and several fatty acids.

Sweet Potato & Pomegranate Salad with Neem Leaf Dressing Recipe

This sweet potato & pomegranate salad with neem leaf dressing is the perfect way to include this super nutritious ingredient.

Neem Juice Recipe

This super nutritious healthy drink tastes bitter to begin with but leaves a sweet after taste.

Power Poha With Neem Leaves Recipe

This poha is a tasty way to consume your protein & carbs! Supercharge your boring old poha!

Papaya Neem Leaves Crush Stir Fry

Sweet caramelised pumpkin pairs beautifully with the complex bitterness of the neem leaves.

Neem Leaves Chutney Recipe

This highly nutritious and delicious neem chutney is a must try!

Raw Mango Koshimbir Recipe

This Maharastrian style chutney combines the tangy flavor of raw mangoes with the complex bitterness of neem leaves

Neem Shukto (Mixed Veg. Curry with Neem Leaves)

Shukto is a traditional Bengali delicacy. This is a mixed vegetable curry which has bitter gourd in it, but you can substitute it with few neem leaves. So this is the latter version. It is cooked in a mustard and milk based gravy.

Fried Neem Leaves With Eggplants

Neem Begun is an old school traditional Bengali dish. A true spring detox recipe to cleanse out the system.

Neem Narkel Bhaja - Crispy Neem with Coconut

This traditional Bengali chutney is highly nutritious and a play of sweet coconut and bitter neem leaf flavours

Sweet Potato & Neem Leaves Vegetable Curry Recipe

This is a simple sweet potato & neem leaves vegetable curry recipe. The vegetable curry’s flavor is further enhanced with roasted peanut powder.