Paavanaganga Farms

Pavan Muddanna

Engineering to farming - A success story

This is the inspiring story of Pavan Muddanna. When Pavan broke it to his parents that he wanted to become an agriculturalist after finishing his Masters in Engineering in America, they were understandably hesitant.

As Pavan put it, his parents wanted him to continue on the path that his degrees were pointing him in. But this was not to be. There was a calling from deep inside that told him that he wanted to return back to his home soil and practice agriculture.

With only limited experience in hydroponic farming, Pavan entered the world of natural farming with little natural farming knowledge and bountiful determination. He gained knowledge from every avenue he could find and consulted other organic and natural farmers to help guide him through his farming journey.

By combining traditional knowledge with modern techniques, he has built a farm with his own hands that any natural farmer would be proud of.

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