Parwal (Pointed gourd) Recipes

Bihari Parwal Masala(Dry)

Bihari Parwal Masala. Easy, spicy, and super delicious, this dry pointed gourd curry or Parwal masala is a Bihari specialty. 

Aloo Parwal Sabzi

Aloo Parwal Sabzi or Aloo Potol Recipe is a popular Bengali Dish which is super easy to make and has a perfect blend of simple spices.

Bharwa Parwal Recipe

A delicious homely recipe of stuffed parwal (pointed gourd) cooked in punjabi gravy.

Dahi Parwal Recipe

This rich UP style recipe is reminiscent of the Awadhi style of cooking. The rich vegetable curries often get overshadowed by non-veg dishes.

Aloo Parwal Curry

No more boring Aloo Parwal, this potato & pointed gourd gravy has some serious flavors, perfect to warm up your dinner table any day.

Parwal Fry Recipe

This simple parwal fry recipe really heroes the vegetable without obscuring it with spices.

Parwal Aloo Dry Sabzi

In this mouth-watering Parwal our Aloo ki Sukhi Subn, the parwal is cooked into a dry subs along with the versatile potato. 

Potoler Dorma Recipe

The original desi version of cheesecake, this dessert is rich and dense, yet has quite subtle flavours enhanced with Nolen Gur.