Ramadhootha Farms


A 14 Acre Natural Farm in the Middle of Bangalore

Manjubabu is the proud farmer who runs a successful organic farm in the middle of Bangalore.

Coming from an agricultural family, farming has always been in his blood. As was with most farmers, he was practicing chemical based farming initially. After suffering heavy losses with chemical farming, he realised the folly of his ways.

Rather than destroying his fertile soils with chemicals, he instead converted to natural farming which rejuvenated his soils making them more fertile as time went on. He even managed to convince farmers around him to convert to natural farming and has built up a network of 5 farmers all supplying naturally grown produce.

Being one of the oldest farmers associated with Farmizen, he had initially converted his farm to run as a mini farm but has now converted to a community farm model and also supply's his naturally grown vegetables to Farmizen Tribes customers.



Farm Snapshots