Rediscovering forgotten greens and heirloom vegetables of Sarjapura

Whats happening?

Hands-on foraging session for edible leaves and weeds


Walk around this wonderfully quirky farm

Understand the difference between heirloom seeds and hybrid seeds

See how gourds, greens and other veggies are grown using traditional farming methods 


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What is Sarjapura Curries?

Sarjapura Curries is home grown art project of well-accomplished artist, Mr Suresh Kumar G. It has been his dream project since he was a little boy, who visited his maternal grandparents’ Village in sub-urban Bangalore known as Sarjapura. 


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What is Farmizen?

Farmizen is a marketplace that connects consumers directly to natural and organic farmers. Get fresh fruits, vegetables and staples home delivered from local farmers.


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