Sarjapura Curries

Suresh Kumar

Re-discovering lost greens and vegetables

Sarjapura Curries is home grown project of well-accomplished artist, Mr Suresh Kumar G. It has been his dream project since he was a little boy, who visited his maternal grandparents’ Village in sub-urban Bangalore known as Sarjapura.

Since known history, small settlement of people who choose to live close to each other has been the building block of the human civilization, and this basic building block came to be known as Village. Sarjapura Curries is the very representation of what a village stands for, full of green patches, community that comes together to share harvest and exchange seed and saplings.

Suresh has painstaking grown and nurtures these rare variety of greens along with other lost varieties of vegetables in the villages of B.Hosahalli and V.Kallahalli in Sarjapura Hobli, Anekal Taluk. 

Mixed Greens

Pumpkin Flowers

Farm Snapshots