Savera Estate

Merwin Fernandes

Building a Natural Fruit Forest - Living Closer To Nature

After a career in the buzzing corporate world, Merwin Fernandes longed to realise his dream of living closer to nature. Alarmed by how out of sync with nature we were as a society, he decided to model his lifestyle around living in sync with the natural order of things. "I believe in burning my bridges behind me so that there is no scope of turning back" he says as he embarked on this journey leaving his corporate world behind.

Merwin and his wife Regina have built Savera estate into the farm of their dreams in Sakleshpur, Karnataka. A completely self sustaining natural fruit forest. After living the Bangalore IT life for over 25 years, they decided it was time to chase their dreams and live the farm life that they always wanted.

They currently grow coffee, galangal, soursop, mangosteen, passionfruit, cardamom, sapota and a host of other fruits, spices and herbs on their estate. As regulars at many farmers markets around Bangalore, they have built up quite a following around their products.

Coffee Powder

Passion Fruit