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Narayana Reddy

Studied Till 9th Grade, Now Teaches College Students And Professors About Natural Farming

Narayana Reddy is a self made man. Taking inspiration from the traditional farming methods practiced by his grandfather, he built on his existing knowledge by reading books and visiting farmers who were pioneering natural farming at the time.

Over the years he has developed a deep working knowledge of agricultural sciences that comes from his tireless quest for knowledge and decades of experience. His experience is so invaluable that he now consults with agricultural college students and professors to practically demonstrate natural farming at his model farm.

"The more you give to nature, the more it gives back to you with interest" is what he believes. Of his two sons, one is a software engineer and one is a doctor and Narayana Reddy believes that it was only possible because of returns he reaped from giving to to nature while natural farming.

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