Singh Apple Orchards

Jittu Chauhan

Joginder Chauhan

Farming world-famous apples at the top of the world

Singh Apple Orchards is run by two brothers - Jittu and Joginder Chauhan. When they realised that their crops were being destroyed by diseases, they set out to investigate. Realising that chemical fertilisers and pesticides were destroying their soils and crops, they decided to switch to complete organic farming practices.

Today, Singh Apple Orchards is famous around the country for their pioneering farming techniques for apples inspired by Subhash Palekar. Their scientific levels of knowledge about their farms enables them to control the growth of their produce and maximise output. They grow various varieties of the best apples from around the world at their orchards, high up in the Himalayas.

They travel the country addressing farmer unions and other agricultural institutions about the benefits of organic farming, encouraging farmers to make the switch.

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