SNS Organic Farms

Manjunath Narayanappa

A Data Scientist Turned Farmer

Manju is a data scientist working with a top IT company in Bangalore. When he decided to pursue his passion and continue the family farming practice, he decided to apply the 5 Why’s technique from his work and apply it to farming.

This led to a series of revelations about why farmers use chemicals in their farming, why do pests attack certain crops and avoid certain crops and does nature do things a certain.

This was the dawn of his foray into natural farming. Having had no experience on the subject he turned to youtube and adopted the celebrated natural farmer Narayan Reddy as his virtual guru. He watched all his videos thoroughly and taught himself natural farming.

Today he has a thriving farm that he runs with his family in Chikkaballapur. Everybody from his brother to his wife and kids all help out on the farm.



Farm Snapshots