Delicious Star Fruit Recipes

The fruit is about three to six inches in length and the flesh colour ranges from greenish yellow to yellow and is crisp and tart in taste. It may or may not be loaded with two to five tiny edible seeds. The name star fruit comes from the star-like distinct shape of this fruit when it is cut in a cross section. A single starfruit could provide you with up to 52% of your daily requirement of vitamin C as well as 4% of your daily vitamin B5 requirement.

Star Fruit Chips Recipe

These chips lie somewhere in a gray area between dehydrated fruit and candy. They’ve got crispy edges and slightly chewy centers and the flavor is sweet-tart and spiked with a little hint of ginger.

Star Fruit Salad Recipe

Ripe, showy star fruit is exceedingly juicy and fragrant and takes top billing in this simple salad recipe.

Star Fruit Juice Recipe

Star fruit juice is an amazing sweet & sour beverage that gives you all the summer coolness.

Star Fruit Jam Recipe

This delicious sweet and tart jam is a great accompaniment to toast, desserts and drinks.

Star Fruit Upside-Down Cake Recipe

This star fruit upside down cake tastes a lot like apple in this star-studded cake. This cake is augmented with warm fall spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice.

Star fruit Chutney Recipe

This sweet and tangy chutney with starfruit and jaggery makes a great accompaniment to any meal.

Star Fruit Dessert Recipe

This quick and easy to make dessert accentuates the tart and sweet flavour of the starfruit mixed with the sweetness of cream and sugar.

Star Fruit Ginger and Lemon Tea

The starfruit tea is made with fresh ginger, lemon, orange and honey — a great combo for fighting off flu and cold symptoms.

Starfruit Chutney Recipe

This recipe is a hot, tangy and refreshing starfruit chutney prepared on a hot summer day as sides or dips. The chutney is super tempting and delicious.

Star Fruit Rasam Recipe

This delicious twist to the southern favourite rasam is a great seasonal treat. It adds a sweet citrus flavour to the tangy soup.