Strawberry Basundi Recipe

Milk 7.5 cups
Strawberries 20
Almonds 8-10
Sugar 1/2 cup
Sunflower seeds - 1 tablespoon

Step 1
Wash, hull and chop half of the strawberries and puree the rest. Blanch almonds in half a cup of warm water. Peel and cut into slivers.
Step 2
Heat milk in a thick-bottomed pan. When it comes to a boil, lower heat and boil till it reduces to half the original quantity.
Step 3
Add sugar, sunflower seeds, slivered almonds and mix.
Step 4
Remove from heat and let it cool on a bed of ice. When cool, add strawberry puree and mix well.
Step 5
Add chopped strawberries and serve.
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