7-Day Clean Eating with Whole Food Plant-Based Diet Kickstart Program

Unlock Vibrant Health, Boundless Energy, and Transform Your Life in Just 7 Days!

Are You Tired of Feeling Drained, Stressed, and Bogged Down by Poor Health?

Do You Crave a Sustainable, Easy-to-Follow Solution?

Welcome to your turning point. It’s time to say goodbye to complicated diets, calorie counting, and over-reliance on medication. We’ve got something better. Learn the basics of a nutritionally balanced whole food plant-based diet (WFPBD) in 7 days from holistic health experts Saee Bapat, Deepali Gaonkar and Monica Samuel.

Why Whole Food Plant Based Diet (WFPBD)
Evidence-based science shows us that switching to a nutritionally balanced WFPBD prevents lifestyle diseases and reverses their progression.

Program Structure

  • 8 Hours of Live Coaching Sessions:

    1. Sat 10th Feb – 7pm to 9pm
    2. Sun 11th Feb 7pm to 9pm
    3. Mon 12th Feb to Fri 16th Feb daily – 5.30am to 6am
    4. Sat 17th Feb 7pm to 8pm

    • Downloadable Recipe Booklets
    • Exclusive Cooking Videos

    • Assessments & Assignments

    • Daily Live Support on WhatsApp Group

Meet Your Coaches

Saee Bapat - Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Therapist

Saee Bapat is more than just a holistic nutritionist; she's a wellness transformer with a decade of hands-on experience in plant-based nutrition. Armed with certifications in both nutrition and yoga therapy, Saee has a 360-degree approach to health. She's the go-to guru for anyone looking to make a lifelong commitment to clean eating and well-balanced living. Saee believes that the road to ultimate wellness is paved with conscious choices—not just what's on your plate but also what's in your mind.​

Deepali Gaonkar - Whole Plant-Based Chef

Get ready to bring the gourmet into your kitchen with Deepali Gaonkar. With four years of teaching experience in plant-based cooking and baking, Deepali is a culinary virtuoso. She's not just a chef; she's a food educator who knows how to make clean eating delicious, practical, and utterly delectable. Her innovative recipes will turn even the most hesitant kitchen novice into a plant-based home chef extraordinaire.

Monica Samuel - Inner Work Coach & Psychodramatist

Monica Samuel isn't just your average inner work coach; she's a life-changer. With nine years of experience in whole food plant-based diets and certified expertise in psychodrama, Monica tackles wellness from the inside out. She specializes in creating transformative experiences that go beyond food, diving deep into emotional well-being and personal growth. With Monica, you're not just changing your diet; you're changing your life.

The Transformation You’ll Experience:

  • Improved skills in preparing nutritionally balanced WFPBD meals
  • Observable improvement in energy levels, sleep, and digestion
  • Decrease in stress levels
  • Positive approach towards life

Extra Bonuses: Unlock Even More Value!

  • Access to Two Pre-Recorded Video Courses Worth 2000/-

    • 10 Nourishing Salads
    • 10 Soulful Soups
  • WhatsApp Group Access for Query Resolution – 6 Months

  • Lifetime Access to All Recordings

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Who Is This For?

This program is perfect for:

  • Clean eating enthusiasts looking for guided expertise
  • Individuals aiming to improve their health & fitness
  • Anyone wanting to prevent and reverse lifestyle illnesses
  • Busy people who need a structured, time-efficient plan
  • Those new to the whole food plant-based diet and want to get it right from the start

Contact us at [email protected] or Whatsapp/Call us at 7411707744 if you have any questions.