3-day Bloom – Back To Nature Residential Program

Want to experience holistic living close to nature and detox your body and mind? Join us for this 3-day Back to Nature residential program to experience the ambience of a natural fruit forest, enjoy natural foods that best serve our body, and participate in practices that support our emotional, mental and physical health. As a participant called it: “A mind, body and soul experience!”

Bloom is designed to:

  • reconnect you with your inner child,
  • take you closer to nature,
  • experience the pleasure and health benefits of whole plant-based food,
  • enjoy community activities such as cooking, drama, dance, and celebrating life together,
  • awaken your senses to subtle foods (space, sun, air, water), and
  • experience multiple dimensions of health – movement, rest, emotions, and thoughts.


Simple farm cabins on a sharing basis only at The Lilac Farm, Bangalore

Venue map link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/zmWVZepx39qvvFMi9


26th Jan’24, Fri, 6 AM


28th Jan’24, Sun, 2 PM

What does the program agenda look like?

Starting the day early at 6 AM, with the birds :), with creative movement.

Consuming elemental foods and earth food.

Enjoying a range of activities at the farm – plucking fruit, fruit forest walks, exploring nooks and corners, learning about permaculture from our experienced hosts, harvesting food from the farm, preparing the food to maximize nutrition, eating together, learning together, practising together, and more 🙂

Exploring our inner world through role plays & introspective activities.

Receiving some self-time, and being with yourself.

Learning and practising as a group through interactive action-based sessions.

Retiring by 9 PM. Early to bed, early to rise. 🙂

Last date to register

January 18, 2024


We’ll be closing at 20 participants.

Here’s a short video of the last Bloom experience at the Savera Naturals Farm.

Price & Registration

You can register by paying the discounted price of ₹12,000 till 15th Jan’24. After that, the price will be ₹13,000. Click on the ENROL NOW button to book your spot.

The price includes:

  • all meals (3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners, juice, herbal tea),
  • stay for 3N/3D,
  • cooking sessions,
  • knowledge sessions,
  • fun creative sessions.
  • health sessions, and
  • activities at the farm.