Bootcamp Mentors

Farmizen’s 12-Week Organic Farming Online Bootcamp is not just a course—it’s the first step on an exciting path in the world of organic farming.

And the best part?

You won’t walk this path alone.

🌱 Meet Your Mentors for the First Half of the Bootcamp 🌱

Our mentors have gone through the organic farming journey, learning from both their mistakes and successes. They will serve as your guides, educators, and biggest supporters.

Praveen Kumar
After many years of corporate life working with high-growth ed-tech startups, he went back to his ancestral village 74 km from Chennai and set up Mei Organic Farms and has been running it full-time since 2019. A very hands-on farmer with a penchant for numbers.

Karan Manral
After dabbling in technology media, communication and marketing, and some kitchen gardening simultaneously, he (and his partner Yogita Mehra) took the plunge into organic farming full-time 18 years ago, moved to Goa, and has since been trying to make growing food more accessible for new urban farmers. Karan is also a Co-founder at Open Seeds which is an early-stage initiative aimed at becoming a certified organic seed producer and retailer in India, providing seeds to the growing organic farming community.

Thankachan Chempotty
After 26 years in a corporate career, he and his wife Jessy and son George now un a 22-acre certified organic farm near Mysore, growing Cacao and several other fruits and crops. Two-time recipient of the best organic farmer award in Karnataka, his speciality is innovation in agriculture, with a special emphasis on creation of value added products.

Laxmi Lokur
She is an award-winning farmer from Belgaum District, recognized multiple times at the national level for her innovative practices in farming, and runs a 24-acre integrated natural farm with vegetables, fruits, grains, and livestock.

Chethan Shetty
He left his engineering job in Bangalore and moved back to pursue his dream of running a farm back in his native place. After several years of hard work and determination, he has built this beautiful farm where he grows several varieties of exotic fruits and spices. 

Vishwanath Reddy
A fan of Fukuoka and a protege of Narayan Reddy, he has spent several decades experimenting with natural farming at his 2 farms in Mysore and Bangalore. You must visit his farms if you want to see “do nothing farming” at work.

Mahesh Poman
Mahesh has been growing guava, figs, and pomegranates on his 4-acre farm in Saswad, near Pune. He is also involved in creating market linkages for agri-produce from other natural and organic farmers near him.

Shameek Chakravarty
Shameek is one of the co-founders at Farmizen. Passionate about enabling agri-preneurs.

Gitanjali Rajamani
Gitanjali is one of the co-founders at Farmizen and also runs an urban gardening startup that has set up thousands of edible and ornamental gardens across Bangalore.