Natural Skin & Hair Care Masterclass

Your Skin & Hair: The Silent Victims of Hidden Chemicals

Think about it: your skin, the largest organ, is like a sponge, absorbing everything you apply. Daily, we expose it, along with our hair, to a myriad of hidden chemicals in commercial cosmetics. From allergens like preservatives to carcinogens such as formaldehyde, and endocrine disruptors including BPA and phthalates, these substances lurk silently in our beauty products.

Here’s the alarming part: manufacturers often don’t disclose the full ingredient list, leaving us in the dark about these potentially harmful elements. Check this list of chemicals to avoid: Safe Cosmetics Chemical List.

So, what’s our defense against this covert threat?

The Power is in Your Hands:

  1. Become a Label Detective: Start scrutinizing labels. If you spot harmful chemicals, it’s a red flag.

  2. Embrace the Wisdom of Ancestral Beauty: Why not craft your own natural skin and hair care products? Rediscover the forgotten secrets of our grandmothers, using simple ingredients from your kitchen and garden.

This program isn’t just a course; it’s a movement back to nature, back to the basics. Join us and take control of what you nourish your skin and hair with. Welcome to a world where natural beauty isn’t just a choice, but a lifestyle.

Your Path to Natural Skin & Hair Care: Ditch Expensive Salons and Toxic Products with Easy, Homemade Skin & Hair Care Solutions! Learn to Craft Your Own Beauty Solutions and Regimens using only Local and Natural Ingredients, many available in your Kitchens and Gardens.

Escape the Chemical Maze: Our program is a haven from the harsh, often hidden chemicals rampant in commercial cosmetics, offering a safer, purer path to beauty. Join us to significantly reduce your daily chemical exposure, safeguarding not just your skin and hair, but your overall health.

Protect Your Largest Organ: Skin absorbs 60% of what it touches—our program empowers you to shield it from the cosmetic industry’s harsh chemicals. Join us to minimize your exposure and nurture your skin with the safety and purity it deserves.

  • Who Will Benefit Most from This Program?

    • 🚫 Mindful Protectors: Ideal for those wary of harmful chemicals on their skin and hair, seeking a healthier way of living.

    • 🌿 Natural Enthusiasts: Perfect for individuals questing for safe, natural alternatives to conventional skincare and hair care products.

    • 🎨 DIY Crafters: A haven for creative souls eager to handcraft their own natural products for personal use, gifts, or small business ventures.

    • 💆‍♀️ Salon Weary: Tailored for those tired of endless salon treatments, seeking lasting solutions for their skin and hair concerns.

    • 🌟 Health-Conscious Trendsetters: An excellent fit for anyone aspiring to a healthier lifestyle and showcasing a naturally radiant appearance.

Whatever your goal, this program is for you—unleashing the power of nature’s bounty to revolutionize your personal care, tailored for every need and aspiration.

This 3 week – 100% Online Natural Skin and Hair Care Masterclass will help and handhold you in your journey. Our February Batch is now open for enrolment – hurry, limited seats, and doors will close soon !

What this course offers

  • Basics of Dermatology: Gain a profound understanding of the skin and hair – their layers, types, and functions – enabling you to tailor a care routine that’s perfectly suited to your unique needs.

  • Natural Solutions for Skin & Hair Woes: Discover effective, natural methods to address both common and rare skin and hair conditions, steering clear of harsh chemicals.

  • Artisanal Product Creation: Learn to craft an array of skincare essentials – from rejuvenating scrubs to nourishing lip balms – using ingredients sourced right from your locality.

  • Seasonal Skin Elixirs: Master the art of using seasonal fruits and vegetables to concoct fresh, revitalizing treatments that bring out your skin’s natural glow.

  • Herbal Wisdom: Explore the powerful properties of indigenous plants and herbs, and learn to harness them in creating bespoke skincare and haircare solutions.

  • Haircare for Every Stage: Specialized guidance on addressing various hair concerns, adapting to different life stages and environmental factors.

  • The Science of Personalization: Unravel the intricate relationship between skin, hair, geography, and genetics, and understand how these elements combine to influence your personal care regime.

Masterclass Essentials

  • 📅 Dates: 3rd February 2024 – 18th February 2024
  • 🕓 Time: Every Saturday & Sunday, 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM IST. Recordings will be provided if you miss any classes.
  • 📚 Materials: Lifetime access to study content
  • 🤝 Community: Engage with fellow learners. Whatsapp Group support for your queries on skin and haircare.
  • 📜 Certificate of Achievement: A testament to your new skills
  • 🌱 Hands-On Learning: Real-world assignments, recipes and quizzes to reinforce your learning

Meet Your Coach - Vandana Ravinder

Meet Vandana Ravinder – a biotechnologist turned organic skincare maestro. Her journey from delving into the intricacies of cancer research to establishing 'Maya and Mommy', an organic skincare brand, is nothing short of inspiring. With a dedication that's as pure as her ingredients, Vandana has spent over six years meticulously crafting personalized, natural skincare solutions that resonate with a variety of skin types and concerns.

Vandana's expertise isn't just in the products she creates, but in the detailed, one-on-one consultations she offers through her Instagram handle, @maya.mommy. She doesn't just sell products; she imparts wisdom, helping you decode the language of your skin and hair, and empowering you to establish routines that harmonize with nature's rhythm. Her approach is simple yet revolutionary: understand the root, treat with nature's best, and thrive in your inherent glow.

Her course isn't just an educational experience; it's a transformative journey that promises to arm you with knowledge and practices for life. Step into Vandana's world, and let her guide you through the alchemy of holistic skincare, where each day ends with your skin a little more nourished, a little more radiant, a little more you.

Class-Wise Curriculum Overview

CLASS 1: Dermatological Foundations Delve into the layers of skin, their functions, and the myriad of skin types. Understand how lifestyle and environment influence your skin’s health, and discover the ancestral beauty rituals shaped by geography and genetics.

CLASS 2: Personal Care Routines Learn to craft your essential skincare and haircare routines with a step-by-step guide on cleansing, exfoliating, treating, moisturizing, and protecting. Gain insights into preventive measures for maintaining your skin and hair’s natural beauty.

CLASS 3: Herbal Alchemy Basics Explore the art of blending herbs and powders to create invigorating face and hair masks, scrubs, and washes. This hands-on session empowers you to mix and match ingredients to revitalize your skin and hair.

CLASS 4: Advanced Formulation Techniques Discover the secrets of creating your own cleansing oils, lip balms, and body butters. Understand the science of oil properties, essential oil benefits, and the intricacies of natural preservation.

CLASS 5: Managing Skin & Hair Conditions Address specific hair concerns from loss to care, and navigate through various skin conditions. Learn the natural approaches to treating these issues and when to seek professional guidance.

CLASS 6: Holistic Lifestyle Integration Combine your self-care regimen with lifestyle adjustments. This final class covers everything from nutritional choices to the psychological impacts of social media, fostering a well-rounded approach to beauty and wellness.


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What Are You Waiting For?

Remember, this isn’t just a course; it’s a transformation. You’re not only learning to create natural beauty products; you’re investing in your health, empowering your self-care routine, and joining a community dedicated to wellness. Enrol today and take the first step towards a safer, more sustainable beauty regimen that your skin and hair will thank you for.

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