Team Buy

How it Works

1. Pick An Item 
Pick  from naturally grown, chemical-free produce on the app.
2. Create A Team
Choose to start your own team on the the product page.
3. Invite Friends
Share the link with friends and family inviting them to join.

Why Team Buy?

Group Discounts
Enjoy group discounts when you buy together.
Spread The Joy
A great way to invite friends to try Farmizen. Everybody wins. And it's fun.
Support Farmers
Support local farmers practicing natural chemical free farming.

Shop With Team Buy

Freshly harvested fruits including apples, mangoes, sapota, pomegranate and more.
Kitchen Staples
Naturally grown grains and flour, cold pressed oils, pulses and much more.
Farm Made Foods
Naturally preserved mangoes, coconut sugar, desi ghee, jaggery and more.

Download The App To Get Started with Team Buy