Apples from the top of the world!

This morning as I was scrolling through the Farmizen app looking for some fruits to pre-order, I came across this listing of Royal Kinnaur Apples from Nako. I must admit, this brought back a flood of memories of an EPIC trip that I took with my parents to Spiti Valley with Nako as one of the pit stops.

This is the road leading up to Nako! It is just a series of endless hairpin bends with rapid elevation gain all the way up to around 12000 ft. The landscape is surreal mix of barren, rocky mountains spotted with little bits of hardy greenery.

With every twist and turn of the road, you get the feeling that you’re leaving civilisation behind and heading into vast expanses of barren lands. After what seems like an eternity of climbing, you turn one corner and in the distance you can suddenly spot this little hamlet.

It was unbelievable that people actually live all the way up here in such a desolate place but as you walk into the village, you see that people have not only survived up there, but actually thrived!


At the center of the village is a beautiful lake that is really the pivotal point around which this village is set. Surrounded by willow and poplar trees, the lake is offset by the stone-walled houses, to one side and the majestic greater himalayas on the other side. With prayer flags fluttering in the wind along the narrow winding paths of the village, just walking through is a meditative experience.


I didn’t know it at the time, but our short pit-stop at this little village at the top of the world would be one of the most memorable experiences of the journey! So this is what comes to mind when I see the listing for these apples on Farmizen. So I’m definitely ordering a box for myself and shipping a box to my parents as well…..and all the while, sending a some love to the good folks of Nako Village.

Pre-order Royal Kinnaur Apples from Nako on Farmizen






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