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Q: Which foods are good for those who are having a lot of gas and acidity issues? And what are the foods to be avoided?

A: Let’s try to understand how acidity is caused? Then you will be able to choose the correct foods yourself. We experience acidity when more acid is demanded in the stomach in order to digest the consumed food or when we follow violent fasting practices or starve ourselves. Which type of Food can demand more acid in the stomach?

1.Highly processed food (where the fibre or water or nutrients or all the 3 are removed from the natural food) e.g, deep fried food, food with high sugar and high fat added etc

2.Difficult to digest food like denatured daals and legumes, dry fruits, nuts etc

So when you consume more fruits and vegetables in its natural form, Sprouted legumes and daals, soaked nuts and dry fruits, whole unpolished grains, the acidity and bloating issues vanish gradually. Also sequencing and mixing of the above foods need to be taken care of based on the digestion time of these food items.
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