Malihabad – The Land Of Mangos, A Fascinating History!

Malihabad in Uttar Pradesh is also known as The Land Of Mangos. There is a fascinating story behind the mangos from this area.

Malihabad was historically significant town and even finds a mention in the Ain-i-Akbari. During the reign of Shuja ud-Daula, a part of Malihabad, was granted to Faqir Muhammad Khan aka Goya Malihabadi, who  according to family tradition, originally came from the Khyber Pass area and rose to become the commander-in-chief of the Nawab’s army.

Malihabad was described as a beautiful and picturesque town on the left bank of the Behta river. Khan became so enamored with Malihabad and requested permission from the Nawab to grow mangoes here, thus establishing the first mango plantation in Malihabad.

Over time, mangos became a passion and an obsession in Malihabad. Generations of mango farmers have honed their skills in mango growing. There is even a legendary mango tree in Malihabad that is probably the most apt testament to this mango obsession of the region. This unique tree has over 300 different varieties of mango growing on it.

Now get mangoes directly from Malihabad on Farmizen courstesy our partners from Aamsome in UP who are working directly with farmers in the area. With every bite, savour the rich history, passion and love that went into each and every mango!

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About Aamsome
Rohan Prakash a young civil engineer who took to farming immediately after completing his graduation. He introduced organic practices in the farms in which his forefathers were growing almost half a dozen varieties of mangoes, litchis, gooseberries, guava, turmeric etc. His orchard was the first mango orchard in UP to be organic certified. He is also training other farmers from his village to adopt organic farming methods. With focus on improving post harvest handling and packaging he has started selling organic produce from his farm under the brand name of Aamsome which was formerly mentioned as Sure Organics.
Under the umbrella of AAMSOME, Rohan aimed to take a different road altogether. He eliminated the dependence of produce on chemicals and pesticides by using its healthier counterpart- an extract of Neem oil, thereby kick- starting AAMSOME’s organic journey. 
In AAMSOME’s journey of establishing a holistic, inclusive and sustainable farming approach, they employ around 60 people during the harvesting season out of which 40 are women below the poverty line.

You can read about his efforts in this TOI article .


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