Millennials And Farming


At Farmizen, we believe millennials will change the face of the farming industry. Admired much for their business acumen, entrepreneurial spirit, passion and technological savvy – millennials are expected to pioneer and champion a number of innovations in agriculture – both as consumers and entrepreneurs.

Millennials want to consume food that is marked by quality, integrity and sustainability. They treat environmental issues as real global problems that need urgent attention, and not as mere points of debate. Their inclination towards agriculture, probably arises out of their concern for environmental degradation, nutritional deficiency, preservative layered food items and pesticide infested food. They are more thoughtful, more prepared and more aware than their fathers and grandfathers.

When we talk to millennials, we realise they are not just eating and talking about their meals, but they are thinking critically about food security and food quality. Trends show that millennials have given a thumbs down to processed food along with giving a thumbs up to organically and naturally grown food. In the United States, millennials are the fastest growing segment of consumers who grow some portion of their own food.

Millennials would navigate the boat of farming to progress, and below are some reasons that strengthen our belief.

Their stand on independence

Millennials think out of the box and want to stay out of the cubicle, hence they look at farming as a way that will make them their own boss. They don’t shy away from working hard, and in the world of farming there is no day off. However the feeling of crafting something that benefits others is something they find hard to beat.

Their love for technology

They live and breathe technology. While farmers have always innovated on the ground, we believe millennials can super-charge the level of agricultural innovation and bring technology to our farms, much faster.

Their familial ties with farming

Millennials want to stay deeply connected to where they came from – their roots. Ancestral or familial connection with agriculture also makes them want to stay connected to farming. Probably at a very young age, their families taught them about the significance of agriculture and farming.

 Their vision of a sustainable future

Millennials believe in a sustainable future. These youngsters want to reconstruct their present, mould it in a way that is green and free of preservatives. They are also are always concerned about future and want to save their resources. They want to change the world for better.


No wonder then, that a large portion of the Farmizen team, is comprised of millennials. And we are hiring! What are you waiting for?









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