Pottery Workshop By Maya

Workshops are always fun, especially when they happen amidst lush greenery. In this blog post, we want to talk about our pottery workshop that took place at Blue Jamoon Farms.

Maya The Potter

Maya has been a potter for over 8 years,her work is inspired by elements of nature and she loves to create magical illusions with clay.

Even as a child she realized that there was something special about working with your hands. Her love for pottery, sculpting and jewellery brought her close to the perfect medium of clay. She has been student and apprentice to the famous award winning potter and ceramic designer Homa Farley.

Maya also works with special needs kids, in both India and abroad.

She says “Pottery is therapeutic. It is the most forgiving of all arts. Even if I were to quash it, I can easily work on the same material again. Lot of special needs kids, cancer patients, students suffering from ADHD come to my workshops. They are restless initially. But we give them their space for about half an hour.  Soon they start getting opening up and get engaged in creating something wonderful out of clay.  The satisfaction is really high and there is a morale boost for kids and adults.”

Maya’s Pottery Workshop At Farmizen

Farmizens were thrilled to bits about this workshop, and this was reflected in their participation and engagement. Most of them who had turned up wanted to make the most out of their weekend, and learn something new at the end of the day. It was not just another weekend spent with Netflix. It was much more fulfilling and satisfying.

The workshop started off without much ado, with Maya explaining about the basics of pottery.

The participants can be seen completely immersed in the process of making something interesting with clay.

The workshop witnessed many emotions as well – it seemed that each of the particpant developed a profound connection with what they were making – it was what they could call their “own”.

Every piece of art had a unique touch that made it stand out from others. The lessons taught were shared, but the outputs were uncommon with a patent on each of them.

Here’s a picture of all the participants who proudly hold their masterpieces close to their hearts. The wonderful art pieces were a testimony to Maya’s efforts and teaching.

Maya And Farmizen

About her experience with Farmizen, Maya says -“I had an opportunity to conduct a workshop at Farmizen. It was an amazing experience, and the ambience was just perfect for a pottery workshop.

All the participants who attended the workshop had a great time and we took a tour of the farm area after the workshop. Children had a great time playing with farm animals, and jumping around in heaps of soil. It was a memorable day for all us and I recommend everyone to come and experience Farmizen.”
We too had an amazing time with Maya coming over and teaching something valuable to our Farmizen folks. We wish to have many such workshops with Maya in the future too.
Also, take a moment and view some of Maya’s creations. Feast your eyes on them folks!
You can also view her profile by clicking here.
And lastly, do not miss her feature in Indian Express
We are open to having interesting workshops at our farm. If you wish to collaborate, please write to us at [email protected]



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