Tie & Dye Workshop

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So, here we are, to talk about yet another exciting workshop held at Blue Jamoon Farms on 17th Feb 🙂 It was a Tie & Dye workshop, where the participants were just asked to get a piece of old cloth, three colours, a brush and themselves to create sheer magic!

About the workshop

The workshop was nothing short of splendid and it infused colourful memories in us.  Asha Shishadhari conducted the workshop, and she is associated with art for the past 18 years.  Apart from Tie & Dye, she also makes relief murals, textured arts, coffee paintings glass paintings ceramic meurals acrylic paintings and also has recently developed an interest in Folk art. You can check out some of her art work at the end of the blog 🙂

Asha used stitching technique of resisting in the workshop. In this technique, participants stitched the resisted portion and then pulled it to make gathers.

The participants made use of rough cloth. This cloth was bound, resisted, wrapped and gathered by hand. This was repeated for each colour dye that it was dipped in, thus making it an elaborate process.

The focus was on clean techniques such as stencils and monochromatic colour schemes.

Aasha who is naturally inclined towards art believes in blending fine art techniques with fun ways of teaching.

Art is a way of channelling her innermost thoughts to create something beautiful. She further asserts that through art, individuals can breathe reality into their imagination 🙂

Her experience of conducting this workshop was unique. She did it for the first time in a setting like ours, and now wants to do it over and over.

Nature and creativity go hand in hand…

We at Farmizen also believe that nature is capable of propelling an individual’s creativity further. Greenery allows your mind and body to reach a state of tranquillity and bliss.

Here is a video of the young creators learning some fantastic techniques 🙂

Look at all these young ladies showcasing their masterpieces with utter joy!

You can check out some of the brilliant art pieces by these creative geniuses here!

Medha and Aditi held their vibrant art work with pride!

The colours are resplendent and can adorn any wall 🙂

Asha and Mr Harsha, who helped us organize the workshop with such ease handed over a wonderful prize to the winner:)

Before concluding, we want you to have a look at some masterpieces made by Asha. We really have no words 🙂

We are sure you guys loved these marvellous art pieces too 🙂

It was lovely having Harsha, Asha , young Farmizens(also budding artists) and their folks over 🙂 We want to make sure that every experience that our Farmizens have is a memorable one 🙂

Stay tuned for updates on more such workshops 🙂



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