Recipes for my Veggie Harvest Bundle

Today I received my first Veggie Harvest Bundle and I was really excited, to say the least. For those of of who haven’t heard, the Farmizen Veggie Harvest Bundle is a vegetable subscription service with a twist. Here is how it works –

Step 1 – Pick vegetables and put it into your love and hate list on the Farmizen app.

Step 2 – We intelligently curate vegetables just for you ensuring diversity in your selection.

Step 3 – Your Veggie Harvest Bundles are delivered to your home every week

You get a minimum commitment of 5-6 Kgs of veggies delivered right to your doorstep every week.

All the vegetables are naturally or organically grown at Farmizen partner farm


So I received some lovely baby spinach, wonderfully fragrant coriander and mint, bottle gourd, pumpkin onions, potatoes, lemons, ginger, a local variety of pungent garlic and some flat beans. More than enough to last me the week but the real challenge is – can I hero these lovely ingredients in my recipes. Here’e what I plan to do –


Wilted Baby Spinach With Garlic

In this particular recipe, you get a meal jam-packed full of nutrients and simplicity. Baby spinach contains a high amount of iron, protein, and many others. It is also low in calories which can be helpful if you are looking for low calorie yet delicious ingredients.


One-Pot Pasta With Spinach and Tomatoes

This one-pot pasta dinner is simple, fresh, and healthy—what’s not to love? Cooking the pasta right in the sauce saves time and cleanup while infusing the noodles with more flavor.


Coriander Chutney

This popular chutney is a staple in most Indian. A good chutney to keep in the fridge because it makes a great accompaniment to snacks, pulao and biryanis.


Pudina Chutney


Fresh pudina chutney is another useful ingredient to have in your fridge. Makes a great accompaniment for any meal and is really easy to prepare. Just make a batch and it’ll keep for up to a few days in the fridge.


Ghiya ke Kofte Recipe

These delectable fried dumplings can be enjoyed as pakoras or in a curry. It is best not to make them in advance and make it right before consumption as they do not keep well in the fridge


Lauki Ki Yakhni Recipe

The silky smooth texture of this dish really heroes this common ingredient. Made in a kashmiri style curry, it goes best with roti or naan.


Roasted Pumpkin Recipe

This Roasted Pumpkin recipe, serves up perfectly oven roasted pumpkin. It’s an easy and versatile recipe, have them as pumpkin wedges with a dip or as a delicious side dish.


Pumpkin Soup

This is a classic, easy pumpkin soup made with fresh pumpkin that is very fast to make. Thick, creamy and full of flavour, this is THE pumpkin soup recipe you will make now and forever!


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