Read on to find out how you can get your Farmizen subscription for free !
At Farmizen, our mission is to get safe healthy chemical-free food to consumers, and increase farmer incomes.
The traditional farming model is focussed on optimising for price alone, ignoring other factors, especially the long term impact on our health and soil. On the other hand, we want to devise a system which is optimised for three parameters – (consumer health, farmer income, soil health). Since we are trying to optimise for a combination of factors, the industrial chemical food system will always have lower short-term cost for consumers.
However, we do want to make sure that Farmizen is affordable for everyone. Hence, we are piloting a program, which can help you off-set the price of subscription, and should you so want, even get it effectively for **FREE**:
Announcing the launch of the Farmizen Work-Share program –
*****The Farmizen Work-Share Program *****
Any person with an active subscription at a participating farm can enrol for this program. The proposition is simple – in exchange for working 8 hours at the farm, you will earn one week’s subscription. You can choose to work in 4 hour slots to earn half a work-share credit. You can redeem 1 work-share credit to add a week to your subscription. Here is how it works:
1. Choose a shift day/time at least 2 days prior by emailing [email protected] – there are limited spots available.
2. Expect to help with planting, weeding, staking, harvesting, washing vegetables and vegetable bags, applying and mixing manure, spraying pest repellants, removing bugs by hand, plus an assortment of other farm jobs – as instructed by the farmer.
3. These tasks will be across the farm – not limited to your plot.
4. Be prepared to work outside in the sun or rain, where you will be on your feet for hours at a time. Many jobs require bending over, kneeling, squatting, or lifting loads of 15 kg+. People who have physical limitations are welcome to apply – we still have some tasks that are just right for you !
5. You will need to be dressed appropriately for the weather and get your own water bottles, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, rain gear and footwear.
6. You are welcome to get your family along to help, but work-share credit will accrue only for work done by one family member per subscription for hours of work done that by that person, not by the whole family.
7. Your host farmer will be maintaining a register, which you would need to sign at the end of your work slot. You can redeem 1 full work-share credit for 1 week subscription. You cannot redeem half a credit. Whenever you want to redeem your credits, please email us at [email protected] and we will add your earned weeks to your subscription.
8. For the duration of your work hours at the farm, your host farmer will be your immediate supervisor and your continued acceptance into the program is subject to his/her satisfaction with your work output.
Currently, the following farms are offering work-share program to subscribers of the particular farm:
Aadhya Farm, Hyderabad (Monday to Saturday 1 pm to 5 pm – 4 spots available each day)
Ramadhoota Farm, Bangalore (Monday to Saturday 2 pm to 6 pm – 4 spots available each day)
Swayamkrishi Farm, Bangalore (Wednesday and Saturday 2 pm to 6 pm – 4 spots available each day)


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