Recipes of the crunchy cabbage

This vegetable clothed in crunchy leaves of green has a sea of benefits along with appetizing delicacies. Whether it’s a quick salad, an exciting starter or a main course meal, cabbage can do full justice to all of them. Its availability in the market is not an issue and can be cultivated without difficulties all round the year. Cabbage hails from the brassica family and is a relative to cauliflower, broccoli and brussel sprouts. Before discussing the recipes of cabbage, we would want to shed light on its benefits.

Benefits Of Cabbage

Cabbage is loaded with nutritional benefits and can strike a balance on your weighing scale. It’s a delight for calorie-conscious people as the fat content is negligible.  It has got the weapons of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C to battle against a host of illnesses. It also aids in enhancing immunity levels thus providing our bodies with the strength to resist the onset of many infections.

The rich fiber content in it helps in maintaining a healthy digestive tract. The presence of sulforaphane and I3C compounds elevate the anti-cancer properties in our bodies.

Its juice is enriched with anti-aging properties, helps in preventing hair loss and provides a lustrous texture to hair. Thus it helps in boosting up both the internal and external health of our bodies.

Now let us have a look at some recipes of cabbage

 Recipe 1

Steamed Chinese Cabbage Parcels

These are just like the yummy dim sums, except that these are highly nutritious and low on calories. The wheat wrappers are replaced by the cabbage wrappers.

Start the process by mixing 250 gms of chicken mince with 1 egg white, 2 Tbsp of finely chopped spring onion,  2 Tbsp of chopped carrots,2 Tbsp of chopped mushrooms, 1/2 Tsp of chili garlic paste, 1 Tbsp of soya sauce, 1/2 chicken stock cube crumbled, Black pepper and salt, to taste, 1 Tbsp sesame oil, 1 Tbsp of chopped ginger, 1 Tsp of castor sugar and 2 Tbsp of ginger juice

Then marinate this mix for at least 4 hours or overnight.After this take 1 big bunch of Chinese cabbage leaves that are removed and blanched in boiling water

Now take the minced mixture and put a Tbsp of it in the center of the leaf. Tie this up with the stem of spring onion. Steam this well for about 20 minutes in a steamer, and serve it hot in a bamboo basket with your favorite sauces

Recipe 2

Muttakos Poriyal

Light to tummy and extremely easy to cook, this is a vegetarian recipe from South India.

Start the process by heating 1 Tbsp of oil and add 1 Tsp of mustard seeds,  1 Tsp of cumin,1 Tsp of black gram, 1 Tsp Bengal gram, 1 Tsp of asafoetida, 2-3 whole pieces of red pepper and curry leaves(6-7). When the seeds start to splutter add green chilies according to taste.

Stir-fry so that the ingredients mix properly and then add 1 kg of finely chopped cabbage and salt to taste. Continue to Stir-fry till the leaves become tender and then mix 1 cup of grated coconut and serve

Recipe 3

Carrot And Cashew Coleslaw

This can be served as a sandwich spread or used as a dip. This is extremely simple to make and will please your taste buds every single time. Start the process by mixing 1 large grated carrot, 1 finely chopped onion, 2 chopped celery sticks, 250 gm grapes,  250 gm of peeled and stoned lichees, 1/2 shredded cabbage, salt and pepper to taste.

Now stir this mix in 1 Tbsp of chopped parsley and parallelly heat 4 Tbsp of sesame oil. Add 1/2 Tsp of poppy seeds and  1/4 Tsp of yellow mustard seeds and allow it to cool for a while. After this add 1 Tbsp of vinegar and 1 Tbsp of apple juice to the oil and pour the coleslaw over it

Garnish with 50 gm of roasted and chopped cashew nuts and desired herbs. Serve cold.

I hope you enjoyed this list of recipes. I would encourage you to add more recipes to our list and share your experiences and experiments with us 🙂


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