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One of the most fundamental problems with our food system is the supply chain. Everything from failed harvests to bad market prices can be in some way attributed to supply chain inefficiencies. Such a system can wreak havoc on all stakeholders in the system – from farmers to consumers. Here’s how.

The Broken Supply Chain

Food that reaches our local markets generally travels a long way to get there. Typically a farmer will sell his produce to the local wholesaler usually at a very low market price. This fresh produce now passes hands several times from wholesaler to aggregator as it is transported from far-away villages to the cities for consumption. Typically the food can take several days to reach the markets, losing freshness and nutrients along the way. Compared to the price that the consumers pay, very little of that actually trickles down to the farmer. Even when market prices fluctuate, it’s usually the middle men who make most of the profits.

This means that the farmer does not make enough margins on his produce to be able to practice sustainable chemical free farming practices. This is a vicious cycle in the food system – one in which both the producer and the consumer get the short end of the stick.

Going Local

Farmizen works with local farmers with farms either within city limits or within close proximity to the city. And on the other side, there is Farmizen Tribes. Tribes is a an offering by Farmizen which lets communities order freshly harvested, organic vegetables, twice a week from trusted, local, organic farmers. This means that farmers can know exactly how much of the produce to harvest ahead of time and they can wait till the last possible moment before harvesting the produce and shipping it off to the customers.

Breaking the Cycle

Because farmers are now able to sell their produce directly to consumers, they make higher margins on their produce. This means that they make enough income to be able to break out of the vicious cycle of chemical farming and instead practice sustainable, chemical free agricultural methods.

This creates a food system where all stakeholders in the system benefit in the process. Want to become a part of this sustainable clean food system. Click the banner below to sign up for a Farmizen Tribe in your locality.




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