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Bhavani Srinivas, Long time Farmizen
A chance reading of an article on organic farming in a leading daily introduced me to Farmizen few years back.It did not lead to any immediate action from my end and as in the case of every good piece that we read,even this article receded to the back of my memory.

But the constant emphasis in media,conversations with family,friends on the importance of organic,naturally grown food somehow propelled the thoughts towards the need for a lifestyle change so far as food is concerned.On an individual level too,we as a family strongly believe in an Ayurvedic proverb that says “when diet is wrong,medicine is of no use.when diet is right,medicine is of no need!”

The beginning of this shift found its roots in an overhaul of grocery procurement. What started as incorporating organic produce in staple food slowly extended to dairy products.Then popped the question of where to source from naturally,organically grown vegetables and fruits. Visiting the Farmizen website was a natural fallout of the said dilemma.What struck me first about the website was the absence of unnecessary hype and the simple presentation of facts. We Subsequently downloaded the App and subscribed to a mini farm. For close to an year,we leased the mini farm. It was a pleasant experience specially enriching for the children.For the first time they got the opportunity to pluck a pumpkin, a brinjal or a carrot.Most of us know only the vegetables but not the beauty of the flowers they grow from. I cherish the first time we visited the farm and our children could see and appreciate how beautiful a white snakegourd flower,a violet brinjal flower and a yellow pumpkin flower looked. At the same time they also saw first hand, how the farmer and the farm helps toil to bring that produce to our table.

New recipes had to be searched to know how exactly to use chakota, arbi leaves! At the same time the fragrance of lemon grass, turmeric leaves,Thai Basil became regular at home.The freshness of vegetables almost halved the cooking time. We also wanted to experiment with Veggie Harvest Bundle (VHB)and see what secrets this scheme of Farmizen held 🙂 Its almost six months since we started to subscribe to VHB and we are completely enjoying the surprises it holds every week! If given a choice,we tend to go in circles around the same 9-10 vegetables that our taste buds are accustomed to.But once you choose VHB,you never know what comes in the bag that week as mostly the veggies are seasonal!That way a lot of vegetables that we avoided become a part of our diet by default as no one likes to waste farm resh,naturally grown organic vegetables .As a result, new recipes start to emerge in the kitchen that we never ever thought we would enjoy so much! Also It goes without saying, how well balanced our intake becomes nutritionally so far as vitamins and minerals are concerned!

It would be unfair on my part if I did not acknowledge the attention to detail that Shameek and his team pay to the needs of each customer.The response to any query is instant and accommodating to say the least.Its a joy to interact with our lady experts Saee Bapat, Pratiksha Vandana and Akshata on the App and learn so many new,unknown facts! The product listings on the App and the amazing videos on farmers behind each product is another meticulous effort by the team. Slowly but steadily Farmizen influences one’s perspective towards how important it is to bring positive life style changes! People say ‘Goodwill’ is an intangible asset in the balance sheet of a business. But the Farmizen team knows very well the value that is attached to the so called intangible asset 🙂

Wishing Farmizen many more successes on their already successful journey …
Bhavani Srinivas
(A Bangalore Farmizen since 2 years)


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