LEGO Workshop

As children grow, they are constantly pushed to learn through “traditional” ways, ways where pen and paper prevail. However, there is another way that can help children strengthen their fundamentals of learning while being creative at the same time. The way is through “LEGO Building”.

LEGO is a practical and an effective way of learning through which children can not only achieve curriculum goals but also can focus on communication, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving.

We at Farmizen also believe that children should not just be confined to the walls of thick books, that “only” focus on theoretical gains. Instead, they should have a robust blend of both theory and practice.

So, for this, we collaborated with Vishnu, who is the founder of ROBO-G.

Vishnu at ROBO-G conducts LEGO workshops that make children experience an evolutionary educational experience.

How does he do it?

He does it by giving children an opportunity to experience a progressive learning method that is more effective, motivating, and engaging.

You can know more about him through this video.

Workshop at Farmizen

Our Farmizens and their little Farmizens showed great enthusiasm for the workshop, and we saw participation in large numbers. Parents were equally excited as the children.

Here is how the workshop started.


Here are some other pictures from the workshop 🙂

Young and brilliant minds at work!

Young creator with his creations.

Vishnu illuminating their thought bubbles with some great tips.

We really feel that Vishnu is doing an amazing job in creating an educationally sound ecosystem for the tiny ones. We would like you to see some of his other interesting projects as well 🙂

Can you program your Robot to solve this maze? 

Does a Hammer work in Space (micro gravity)?

Can you write a small story by seeing this picture? Let’s see how good you are at creativity and imagination!

This is our favourite! It reminds us of the famous song “Everything is awesome” from The LEGO movie! 😛

In case if you have forgotten ths song, here it is 🙂

And these are some of his other workshops and classes.

Having Vishnu take LEGO workshop was a memorable experience for us. Our Farmizens and little Farmizens had an equally amazing time. We would definately love to have him again at our farms 🙂

If you have an intersting concept that you wish to talk about or an art/activity that you want to teach people, you can reach out to [email protected].

And we would love to have you come over and conduct a workshop at our farms 🙂


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