Organic Farming Bootcamp (12 Week Online Program)

Unearth Your Potential, Cultivate Your Passion

Transform your evenings into a journey of soil, soul, and organic growth. Learn from the comfort of your home and become an Organic Farmer!

Are You One of These?

  • 🌾 A corporate warrior planning to retire into the tranquil embrace of organic farming?
  • 🏙️ A city dweller eager to nurture an organic weekend farm?
  • 🚜 A traditional farmer keen to transition to organic methods?
  • 🌱 New to farming but have land in the family you want to cultivate organically?
Whatever your goal, we’ve got the soil for your roots!
Our 12 week 100% Online Organic Farming Bootcamp will help and handhold you in your journey. Enrolment is now OPEN for December batch – hurry, limited seats – we will close it out as soon as they fill up.

Why Choose Farmizen?

Having worked with more than 6000 organic farmers across India since 2017, Farmizen offers a blend of scientific, practical, and business knowledge tailored to fill the gaps in organic farming education.

Curriculum: Sow the Seeds of Wisdom

Weeks 1-4: Foundations of Organic Farming

  • Introduction to Organic Farming
  • The Science Behind Soil
  • Organic Principles and Practices
  • Basics of Agroecology

Outcome: A goals document and the first draft of your farm design blueprint.

Weeks 5-8: Practical Organic Farming

  • Crop Planning
  • Water & Seed Management
  • Pest and Disease Management
  • Soil Preparation & Advanced Techniques

Outcome: Detailed farm layout, irrigation plan, and 3-year cropping plan.

Weeks 9-12: The Business of Organic Farming

  • Market Research and Demand Analysis
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Budgeting, Costing and Pricing Strategies
  • Supply Chain and Logistics

Outcome: A robust and actionable business plan.

 For a week-by-week breakdown and a detailed overview of each module, Click Here to View the Complete Curriculum

Bootcamp Essentials

  • 📅 Dates: 2nd December 2023 – 25th February 2024
  • 🕓 Time: Every Saturday & Sunday, 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM IST
  • 📚 Materials: Lifetime access to study content
  • 🤝 Community: Engage with fellow learners and expert farmers
  • 📜 Certificate of Achievement: A testament to your new skills
  • 🌱 Hands-On Learning: Real-world individual and group assignments

Bonus: No land? No worries! Learn how to farm on leased land.



🔥 Early Bird Discount: For our trailblazers, the first 30 enrolments get a special discount. 19999/- instead of the regular pricing of 40,000/- Hurry, limited seats available!

Meet Your Expert Mentors for the Bootcamp 🌱

Why Learn From Anyone, When You Can Learn From the Best?

Our mentors are not just experts; they are the people who have lived the organic farming journey. They have learned from both their mistakes and their successes and are ready to guide, educate, and support you.

Praveen Kumar

  • Background: After years in high-growth ed-tech startups, Praveen set up Mei Organic Farms in his ancestral village.
  • Specialty: Hands-on farmer with a penchant for numbers.
  • Learn More: The Hindu Article

Karan Manral

  • Background: Switched careers from tech to organic farming 18 years ago.
  • Specialty: Making growing food more accessible for new urban farmers.
  • Learn More: Herald Goa Article

Thankachan Chempotty

  • Background: Left a 26-year corporate career to run a certified organic farm near Mysore.
  • Specialty: Innovation in agriculture with a special emphasis on value-added products.
  • Learn More: YouTube Feature

Laxmi Lokur

  • Background: Award-winning farmer recognized for her innovative practices.
  • Specialty: Runs a 24-acre integrated natural farm.
  • Learn More: YouTube Feature

And Many More!

Click Here to See All Our Mentors


What Are You Waiting For?

With mentors like these, you’re not just signing up for a course; you’re gaining a lifetime of expertise and connections. Secure your spot now—classes start on December 3rd!


Do I need any prior farming experience?

  • No, this course is designed for both beginners and experienced farmers.

How many hours a week do I need to dedicate?

  • Expect to put in about 5-6 hours in total per week, including attending the sessions.

Is this course entirely online?

  • Yes, it’s 100% online. Add-on offline practicums will be available soon at an extra cost

Want to know more?

For a complete list of Frequently Asked Questions, Click Here to View Full FAQ

Ready to Embark on Your Organic Farming Journey?

With Farmizen, it’s more than just a bootcamp. It’s a community. It’s a lifestyle. It’s the future—yours and the planet’s.

👉 Enroll Now and Transform Your Life

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Detailed Curriculum: https://www.farmizen.com/bootcamp-curriculum/

Detailed FAQ: https://www.farmizen.com/bootcamp-faq/

List of Mentors: https://www.farmizen.com/bootcamp-mentors/

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