Storytelling Workshop

We at Farmizen love to have fellow Farmizens come over to the farm and have a great time. We think that coming to the farm, not only makes them understand the know-how of organic farming but also brings them closer to their roots 🙂

So, when they come over, we want to make sure that their visits are fruitful and bags veggie-full.

For, this we come up with interesting workshops where students explore their creativity and upskill themselves in nature’s classroom.

The workshop that we came up with this time was a story-telling workshop :). This was held at Blue Jamoon farms on 11th of Feb. Sanjana Singh, a talented 21-year-old college student and entrepreneur conducted it and also showcased her other craft- Handmade soaps!

I am sure that you want to know more about her 🙂 You have to watch the video below for that 🙂

Story-telling as a process is wonderful and enlightening. Not only do the children enjoy this, but they also get rid of their inhibitions when they participate in this. They are inspired and fascinated when a part of the story is read by their peers. And when it’s their turn, they speak with confidence, improve their language skills and inspire others 🙂

You can check out the video here:)

Storytelling didn’t end there. To fuel their creativity further, children were asked to choose their favourite character from the stories read, and add their own imaginative elements to those drawings 🙂

Character Drawing After Storytelling

Here, we have Aditi and Aarya who have put their mind and heart into creating something marvellous 🙂

Little Nayam has forgotten the world around him and has dived deep down into his own world of fantasy!

Here is an example of how one of our little Farmizens customized a character from the story 🙂

Aarya named the owl in one of the stories as Sweety! Isn’t that sweet! 🙂

Ending the session with yummy snacks, aromatic soaps and memorable photo sessions!

Towards, the end of the workshop, kids had some yummies in their tummies!

While parents were keen to look at the hand-made soaps with no chemicals!

Here’s one happy photo of Sanjana, little storytellers and their parents.

Here are our maestros, who brought forward all their creativity and innovation to deliver these masterpieces 🙂

We had a great time at the workshop with these lovely kids and Sanjana, and we at Farmizen love hosting workshops for you that not only are enjoyable but also have a learning curve 🙂

So, stay tuned for the next one 🙂









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