Many uses Of Lemongrass!

Lemongrass, also called fever grass, is a perennial plant with thin, long leaves that are indigenous to many Asian countries. As the name implies, lemongrass smells like lemon, but it tastes milder and sweeter. This herb is used in various Asian cuisines as a flavouring agent due to its potent flavour.

Before shedding light on the uses of lemongrass, we will also talk about its health benefits.

Health benefits of lemongrass

Nutritionally, lemongrass is a good source of vitamins A and C, folate, folic acid, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and manganese. It also has minute traces of B vitamins.

Its primary benefits are:-

Good for Digestion.

Lemongrass cleanses and flushes harmful toxic wastes out of the body, as a result of its diuretic properties.

Helps in regulating high blood pressure.

Boosts metabolism and Burns Fat.

Provides relief from menstrual pain

Does wonders for skin and hair.

Prevents gastrointestinal infections and gastric ulcers.

It is used for treating various kinds of cancers without affecting the healthy cells of the body.

Along with its culinary uses, you can also use lemongrass in alternative or complementary remedies for a wide range of ailments and other purposes too.


Let us take a look at the many uses of lemongrass in this video



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