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As you may have heard, the food system is broken – for everyone involved. One way to fix it is by making it easy for consumers to buy directly from farmers. But it is easier said than done. How will a farmer in a village discover consumers far away in a city that want to buy from him?
And even if he does find folks he can sell to, how will he deliver the produce to the consumer, given the super high last mile delivery costs?

These are the two tough challenges that prevent farmers from selling directly to consumers, and the produce ends up having to traverse a chain of 5-6 middlemen before reaching you, losing freshness. You end up paying 100 rupees while the farmer makes 15 rupees. This doesn’t leave enough money with the farmer to practice sustainable agriculture and he is forced to use chemicals, which hurts our health and our soil’s health.

Farmizen is a 3 year old startup trying to solve this problem with a new product – Farmizen Tribes. Here is how it works:


1. Individuals (Tribe Leaders) volunteer to create a Farmizen Tribe in their neighbourhood.
2. Tribe Leaders invite neighbours to join their private Tribe in the Farmizen app.
3. Each Tribe has access to a catalog of fresh produce grown organically by trusted farmers in the Farmizen app.
4. Members place their orders for direct from farm, organic fresh produce – in the app. Their orders are delivered once a week to the Tribe Leader’s home which acts as a community pick-up point.

All the produce is grown organically without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Farmizen works closely with farmers and helps them with inputs, technology, agronomy support and performs regular inspections to make sure that the produce that is grown is healthy for us and the soil. Consumers can come and visit Farmizen partner farms anytime Monday to Saturday 9 to 5.

Visit tribe.farmizen.com and sign up with tribe in your community.

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