My Experiments With Figs

It’s raining figs and I couldn’t be happier! For me, figs were always something you discovered on a fruit sundae or in an Anjeer(Fig) shake from a roadside vendor. I had never really had it as a fruit because let’s face it, you can’t just walk down to a supermarket and pick up figs – none of the supermarkets I shop at anyway.

Figs are one of the richest plant sources of a variety of vitamins and minerals and are also loaded with fibre which is good for digestion. As if I wasn’t sold on the figs already, it turns out they are also super good for you.

I decided to order a box of figs from the Farmizen app and started looking up recipes I could make with these fruits. Here is a collection of some interesting recipes that I’m definitely going to try.

Fig Milkshake

This one I had to try. I distinctly remember having an Anjeer shake in Jaisalmer from a roadside vendor some 20 years ago. I didn’t even know what figs were back then and I remember asking my dad what it was because I loved it so much.

There is nothing to it actually. 


1 pod of cardamom

1 fresh fig

1 glass of milk


  • Remove the cardamom seeds from the pod. Crush them to a powder.
  • Slice the figs and blend till liquid consistency
  • Add milk and the crushed cardamom seeds
  • Serve chilled

This is one of the most cooling and hearty drinks you can have. Heading out in the afternoon on a hot day? Substitute this milkshake for lunch and you are good to go!


Roasted Figs and Ice Cream

Ice Cream was my first association with figs so I tried making Honey Glazed Figs over Ice Cream. Such a simple preparation but it really heroes the fruits. I’ll tell you, this is one way to up your dinner party game! The recipe calls for gelato but vanilla ice cream works just fine.


Fig Jam

The problem with fresh fruits is shelf life, especially with figs. While they are delivered semi-ripe to raw, once they ripen, it is best to consume them fast. One way to extend the goodness of figs is fig jam. It’s a great way to preserve the fruit making it suitable for easy consumption later on. Here is a great recipe I followed.



Fig Curry

The figs are delivered raw or semi-ripe to extend shelf life. While you wait for your delicious figs to ripen, here is an interesting village-style recipe I found using raw figs. It is a very interesting preparation one that I never knew existed. Gotta love the culinary diversity of India! 



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