6 ways to up your toast game

Veggie Cheese Toast

Veggie Cheese Toast is a delicious American recipe that will impress your loved ones with it’s taste. This dish is a healthy recipe made with the goodness of vegetables like yellow bell peppers, capsicums and tomatoes.

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Hummus Toast

Need a little breakfast inspiration? Try one of these Healthy Hummus Toast recipes! With four different flavors, there’s something for everyone to love!

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Avocado Toast with Honey + Pistachios

Looks fancy, but this easy avocado toast recipe with crushed pistachios and the perfect honey drizzle is your avocado toast taken to a whole new level. Breakfast or lunch or a snack–whenever you like!

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Avocado Toast

Spice up your avocado toast with one of these healthy avocado toast ideas! Mix it up with four different types of avocado toast that are healthy, easy and tasty!

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Peanut Butter Banana Honey Toast

A go-to breakfast items is toast with nut butter, banana, and honey. Finished with toasted coconut chips and some sea salt to round up the flavors, this delectable toast is divine and nutritious.

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Vegan Mushroom Bacon Breakfast Toast

Mushroom Bacon Breakfast Toast is a plant-based, gluten-free breakfast recipe that will transform the way you think of toast for breakfast! A vegan bacon substitute, made from smoky mushrooms, sits on a bed of hummus with tomato and fresh herbs. This healthy hummus toast is full of protein, fiber, and flavor.  

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