Farmizen Volunteers – Saee’s Journey

We are back with our second post from the series “Farmizen Volunteers”. Today, we want to talk about Saee Bapat and her journey as a Farmizen.

About Saee

Saae has been associated with Farmizen for a long time, and ardently practices organic farming. Her mantra of life is “To Stay Fit & To Stay Healthy”.

Saee inspires us because she is the perfect role model for today’s women. She is independent and does what she loves. Cares about what she eats and believes in having a healthy lifestyle.

Saee is a doting mother, who wants her children to follow her footsteps. She makes sure that their lifestyle is healthy, greener and free of chemicals.

Intrigued by the way Saee lives her life, we decided to talk to Saee further. 

Saee was an IT professional, but her true calling was to become a “Yogini”.

Watch the video below to know more about her.

We were fascinated by her yoga venture called “Yogasakshi” and wanted to know more about it.

Saee’s definition of Yogasakhi

Yogasakhi means your friend in the journey of yoga. Yogasakhi is the realization of a belief that yoga can help each one of us achieve our full potential in life. It breaks the perception that yoga is boring or exclusive to some. Its goal is to help people across ages and stages of life to experience positivity and manage issues that affect physical and mental well-being.

Her take on Organic Farming

Organic farming should be the way of life now. I say this because I truly believe in eating healthy, and a sustainable ecosystem.

We have been known as the country of farmers. But urbanites have lost all the connection with soil and natural food. I think it is time now, where each one of us needs to take responsibility to grow our own food and help the farmers out by giving them the necessary support.
Growing food naturally is not easy but it’s possible and worth the efforts if you are ready to invest some of your time and hard work.

You can actively make your health (both physical and mental) better if you resort to natural and locally grown food.

About her journey as a Farmizen Volunteer

Saee has been a sincere learner from day one. She actively participated in all volunteering activities to know about the do’s and don’ts of organic farming.

You can watch her talk about her experience as a Farmizen volunteer in the video below.

Saee talked further about her favourite veggie, and also shared an interesting recipe with us.

I love anything and everything that comes from the farm! ;). But if you ask me to choose one, then I would say Pumpkin.  It is my recent favourite and farm pumpkin tastes just amazing.

Corn-Gobhi Manchurian From Farm Harvest

I recently tried out Corn- Gobhi Manchurian made out of Gobhis straight from the farm. I put no oil and it turned out to be very tasty. The recipe is pretty simple, and you can make it in very little time.

1.Steam cauliflower florets and baby corn pieces for 5 mins.
2.Dip them in the batter of rice flour, ginger garlic paste, salt and peanut powder and roast in OTG for 15 mins.
3.In a kadhai saute chopped capsicum, onion, spring onion with little soya sauce and tomato sauce.
4.Mix the roasted cauliflower and corn with this gravy and Gobi Manchurian is ready.

Homemade Tomato sauce:
1. Roast 1 finely cut red bell pepper, 5 cut tomatoes, 5 garlic cloves, 1 cut onion in OTG for 20 mins.
2. Blend it with red chilli, soaked raisins and rock salt.
3. Tomato sauce is ready.

A big thanks to Saee, for this recipe.

We really want to try this out, and our mouths are already watering!

When Yogasakhi and Farmizen came together

We wanted to keep the best for the last 🙂

Saee conducted a Yoga workshop for Farmizens and little Farmizens. The workshop was refreshing like a breeze and ended with gentle smiles on the faces of Farmizens.

These exercises coupled with the pleasant greenery brought the Farmizens closer to nature and made them more aware.

Here are some pictures and videos from the workshop. Aren’t these lovely?




Here is a quick video of Saee teaching the young Farmizens some helpful asans in Yoga!


We like to thank Saee from the bottom of our hearts for contributing so much to the Farmizen family. We cherish our association with Saee, and we look forward to continuing this lovely association.

Being a Farmizen volunteer teaches you a lot about Farming, and makes you aware of the “farmer’s life” in the truest sense. If you want to get your hands dirty and become a real farmer, then write to us at [email protected].



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