The Gastronomical Affair – Why we love healthy food?

We were pretty excited to write this blog. The Reason? Well, we interviewed 2 speech therapists who are die-hard foodies at heart and run a yummy food blog called “The Gastronomical Affair”.

We are talking about Yaashna Rajani and Sanika Sawant. Food connoisseurs, avid travellers and brilliant therapists, these girls have set out on a journey to explore different tastes across Mumbai.

Interview with The Gastronomical Affair

Introduce yourselves.

I am Yaashna Rajani from The Gastronomical Affair and this is my blog partner Sanika Samant. We work as an Audiologist and a Speech Language Pathologist respectively. We provide therapy for all disorders from hearing impairment, autism, articulation issues, social communication disorders, stroke patients, swallowing disorders, neurological disorders and stuttering.

Food has always been a passion and when in college I met a friend who had similar interests as mine and that’s how we started a blog called The Gastronomical Affair

Apart from our website, Facebook, Instagram, we also give regular reviews on Zomato.

Do you think it’s important to eat healthy food?

Yes, it’s important to eat healthy food. Most of us these days have a very busy lifestyle and don’t give much importance to our eating habits. We either have our meals at odd hours or consume too much of junk food or both. Having a balanced diet for good nutrition, combined with some level of physical activity, is important to stay fit and healthy.

Is organic food on the rise?

Over the years, awareness about the use of chemicals and pesticides in fruits and vegetables has increased.

In order to avoid the same, I know many people who’ve switched to organic food which is free from any chemicals during the farming process itself.

We know that we consume a lot of chemical-laced veggies, yet we are in denial and are indifferent and end up eating them anyway.

Is this true, and if yes. What should we do?

In our busy packed schedule, ease and convenience are big factors while buying fruits and vegetables. Organic food is not readily available everywhere. Not many of us would travel far distances to stores where it may be available. Even while buying organic food, there’s no proper way of verifying if the fruits and veggies are actually free of pesticides and chemicals. So, I think the safest way in this situation is to grow your own vegetables.

Can organic veggies make a difference in what we eat?

Yes, they can make a whole lot of difference. Organic vegetables are healthier and contain more nutrition as opposed to regular vegetables.

How do you think Farmizen is able to fix the food ecosystem?

We really like this concept, where consumers can rent a mini-farm and choose to grow the vegetables they want. They can do this while they sit across their office laptops or while they are at home taking care of their children.

The best part is that there are dedicated farmers who take care of the crops on behalf of the consumers. Farmizen after the harvest delivers the farm fresh veggies to the customer’s doorstep.

This eliminates the intervention of distributors who often inject veggies with chemicals to ripen them faster or increase their shelf life.

In this situation, Farmizen is solving three problems.

1.It is helping consumers like us who earlier were oblivious to what they ate. Now they have better control of what they are consuming. They know for sure that the vegetables they consume are hundred percent safe for them and their families.

2. Farmers now have a sustained revenue, and they now don’t have any incentive to work with chemicals.

3.Soil becomes healthy. The top layer of soil doesn’t suffer depletion and chemical infusion.

This was the last of our questions from our list. Time to now look at some great food reviews by this talented duo!

We think that their reviews are great, and will certainly help us in making better decisions while we hunt for good food in Mumbai.

With this, we have come to the end of our blog. We had a great time interviewing these amazing girls, and we would like to thank them for taking out the time to talk to us 🙂

We look forward to having more such collaborations with “The Gastronomical Affair”.







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