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Which oil is best for cooking?

When cooking, it’s important to know what type of oil to use and when. How do you choose the right oil for the right recipe? Cooking at high heat Methods: High-heat cooking includes pan frying, sautéing, grilling, and pan-roasting. Best type of fat: Saturated Saturated fat is no longer the nutritional public enemy it once […]

Healthy Falafel Air Fryer Recipe

Ingredients Cooked Chickpeas(Chana) Onion Parsley (Look for alternatives) Cilantro (Look for alternatives) Garlic Cumin Coriander Red chilli powder Lemon Juice/fruit vinegar Chickpea Flour Method Blend all the ingredients together to make a coarse/chunky consistency. This is going to be your falafel dough Make small round patties, roughly the size of a potato wafer Put the […]

Mango Ginger – An Ingredient You Will Love!

Mango ginger is pretty common where I come from(Kerala). I was delighted to find that my local supermarket had started stocking it and rushed to the shelf to stock up. That’s when an extremely concerned store employee came running up to me. “Sir, sir, this not ginger sir! I politely told him that I knew […]

My Experiments With Figs

It’s raining figs and I couldn’t be happier! For me, figs were always something you discovered on a fruit sundae or in an Anjeer(Fig) shake from a roadside vendor. I had never really had it as a fruit because let’s face it, you can’t just walk down to a supermarket and pick up figs – […]

Oats and Soy Milk Porridge Recipe

This recipe is contributed by the founder of Health on Plants – Sweta Khandelwal. A lovely dose of antioxidants in your first meal sorts you out for the rest of the day !!! Rolled oats 50 grams Soy milk 200 ml(Buy Health On Plants Soy Milk on Farmizen) Dates syrup 1 spoon Fruit of your […]

Vegan Soy Milk Smoothie Recipe

This recipe is contributed by the founder of Health on Plants – Sweta Khandelwal. This is another way to get all your micronutrients & greens in a morning breakfast. Once you are accustomed to it, this becomes a beautiful habit. Your body will thank you for this. I recommend a smoothie box (like a carton) […]