How to eat healthy when you don’t live at home

One of the first things to take a hit when you move away from home is your diet. For many millenials, cooking is such a daunting task that they find it much easier to order in. The problem with that though, is that by playing the discount game on Swiggy and Zomato, you end up making the worst possible diet choices.

A big part of the problem is that most people don’t have the time to cook 2-3 meals a day. Our hectic lifestyles leave little room for that elaborate rajma recipe or a time-consuming palak paneer.

Taking control of your diet

Some simple cooking hacks will allow you to prep food before hand so that you can consume them throughout the week. Here are some of my favourite youtube channels that help you do just that.

Home Cooking For A Busy Work Week

I absolutely love this channel! Here is a guy who is passionate about food and takes a very practical approach to cooking.

10 Life Changing Tips for Packing Lunch for Work or School

Cooking tips for the busy work weeks. Another great video by Pro Home Cooks.

Easy Meal Prep by The Folks At ‘Tasty’

If you don’t already know about Tasty, you have really been missing out. Here is an easy meal prep guide straight from the pros.

Alex French Guy Cooking Makes Easy Stir Frys

This engineer turned chef is all about cooking hacks. His videos are really enjoyable because he combines his love for engineering with his love for cooking. In this video, he explains how he made a tool that helps him make 4800 different stir frys.


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